Hi, I'm JudiBoomergirl!

Hi, I'm JudiBoomergirl, a post-50, or should I say as of January 2018, post-60 female baby boomer. My blog is targeted to the millions of baby boomer women (born between 1945 – 1964) who are going through a similar life journey in mind, body and spirit. Widowed at the age of 50, I’ve been reinventing myself for the past 10+ years. My philosophy is to age gracefully, be optimistic about the future, and keep my chin up…so my neck stays forever wrinkle-free.
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Cardio Lite

My cardiologist called me this week. “Why is Dr. P calling me?,” I wondered, “why is she calling me?” “Your CAT angiogram came back and you know that plaque build up that I thought I saw on your Stress Test…


Yoga Time

Now that I’m done with my “Mindfulness” Meditation Stress Management class I’m a bit less stressed. And since I don’t have to race to get to my Tuesday evening class anymore, I decided I would continue my relaxation therapy with…


Boomer Beauty Days

Every so often I have my so called boomer beauty days. I go to a store like Ulta and I buy some beauty treats for myself…to me it’s more fun than chocolate and less fattening (although I know a few…


Waves of Change

I sat on the beach today and watched the waves constantly moving…moving forward…breaking waves…some came slowly…some came crashing…and then as the afternoon wore on, the waves came creeping closer and inched up to where I was sitting…I moved back…moved back…


Stress Me Out

Today I went for my stress test at The Heart House…my cardiologist had wanted me to get another stress test this year since I’ve had so much stress in my life recently. I think the two most stressful things in…

Reinventing Retirement

Graduation Day

After 18 years of waiting…18 long years…my son graduated today. I remember several years ago…yes…several years ago I used to think about this day…and I remember thinking to myself that when my son graduated from high school he would be…