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Hello all!

Welcome to “A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50.” I’m Judy Freedman, a post-50, or should I say as of January 2018, post 60 female baby boomer. My blog is targeted to the millions of baby boomer women (born between 1945 – 1964) who are going through a similar life journey in mind, body and spirit. Widowed at the age of 50, I’ve been reinventing myself for the past 10 years. My philosophy is to age gracefully, be optimistic about the future, and keep my chin up…so my neck stays forever wrinkle-free.

My Story
I started blogging in 2007, when I was approaching my 50th birthday. You can find my original blog at “A Year To 50.” It was a life-changing year for me. My husband took ill and passed away shortly before I turned 50.  I also became an empty-nester when my daughter A graduated from college and my son D graduated from high school.

I am truly indebted to my blog readers for their support during what became one of the most extraordinary years of my life. It is with gratitude that I continue to share my life after 50 with my growing virtual community.

Yes, my real name is Judy with a “y,” but in the blogosphere I’m known as JudiBoomergirl or Judi, as I sign my posts. It’s a bit trendier, like the iPhone and iPad.

In addition to being a blogger and a writer, my background includes more than 35 years experience in corporate communications, brand marketing, event production, public relations and magazine publishing. In 2013, I retired from my full-time corporate job to pursue my blogging, writing and communications consulting.

Plus, I completed a new journey receiving my YTT200 certification at Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies in Camden, NJ. I’m excited to be a yoga instructor and share the benefits of yoga and mindfulness meditation during my second act.

Syndicated Blogger and Speaker
You can also find my blogs on The Huffington Post, HealthyWomen.org, Getting on TravelMidlife Boulevard, My Itchy Travel Feetand as a featured speaker on social media and reinventing your life after 50 at events such as the Pennsylvania  Conferences For Women. I’ve also lead sessions on mindfulness and meditation to help people, especially bloggers, avoid burnout. My most recent session was at the PHLBloggers Blog Connect Conference in 2018.

Judy Freedman blogger, Tim Becker Photography

Photo by Tim Becker Photography


Recognition and Media Coverage
I am very proud that my blog has received award-winning recognition from:

 The Huffington Post “7 Favorite Blogs For Women Post 50” (November 2012)

 The Harvard Business Review Blog “Yes, Marketers There Is LIfe After Mommyblogging.”  Says author Morra Aarons-Mele “Hers is an authoritative voice, one well worth the attention of a brand marketer.” (April 2013)

 An Official Honoree in the 17th Annual Webby Awards for Personal Blog or Website Category (April 2013)

 A feature story in the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey (August 2013)

 A radio interview on WWDB-860 AM Boomer Generation Radio (September 2014)

 Featured in “9 Things People Who Retire Early Do” at Wise Bread (February 2015)

 Selected by WYZA in Australia as one of its “15 Bloggers Over 50 Making Their Mark.” (February 2015)

 Featured in “Blogger’s Indispensable Tips and Tools For Time Management” at Beyond Your Blog (May 2015)

 Interviewed for The Interprize Group website on intrepreneurship: “Judy Freedman on Reinvention After 50: A Boomer Blooms.” (May 2015)

 Named by aplaceforMom.com Senior Living Blog as one of its“10 Awesome Baby Boomer Bloggers” (September 2015)

Featured on BBC.com about “Yes, You Can Retire at 50 – Here’s How” (June 2016)

Selected by Personal Income as one of their Top 25 Baby Boomer Blogs and featured in “The Baby Boomer Blogs You Need in Your Life Right Now.” (August 2016)

Interviewed for Experience 50 – The Podcast about “Reinvention at 50” (March 2017)

Featured in the Chicago Tribune about “Women Over 50 Have Radiance in Abundance” (March 2017)

An Official Honoree in the 21st Annual Webby Awards for Personal Blog or Website Category (April 2017)

Recognized by Feedspot as one of the “Top 75 Baby Boomer Blogs” on the web. (November 2017)

Honored as a 2017 “Senior Living Awards Finalist” for Best Senior Fitness Blogs by SeniorHomes.com. (November 2017)

Quoted in the Association for Long-Term Care Planning on “Turning 60? Use These Tips from Retirement Experts.” (May 2018)

Featured in an interview on Yes and Yes Blog entitled: “True Story: I Reinvented Myself  at 50.” (July 2018)

To Contact Me
To contact me regarding guest posts, speaking and teaching engagements, advertising or promotions, product reviews or other requests related to my blog, or if you would like to hire JudiBoomergirl Communications LLC for an upcoming communications project, please send an email to:


You can also reach me at:

Twitter: judiboomergirl

Facebook: Judi Boomer Girl

Instagram: judiboomergirl

Pinterest: Judy Freedman

LinkedIn: Judy Freedman

I hope you’ll come back again and join the fun.



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43 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Judy,
    I really enjoyed your boomerslifeafter50 blog. I had no idea how talented and accomplished you are. You are truly amazing! Please add me to your email. I can hardly wait to read your next blog!

  2. Just subscribed…Have been doing my own blog for 2+ years, following husband’s traumatic accident. Was a way to focus myself on the positive. We share young widowhood (I divorced one husband and buried two more, by the age of 42.) I kiddingly said “All right, God, I know I was supposed to be a nun!” (saw “The Nuns’s Story” 7 times when I was growing up as a young Catholic girl.) Happy to find your blog…

  3. You have a marvelous blog, Judy, and am glad to meet another like-minded over 50+ woman blogging about being over 50! I hope you will take a look at my blog whenever you get a chance. In the meantime, Happy New Year and continued success with A Baby Boomer Woman’s Life After 50. Congrats on the nod from Huffington Post! Cheers~Cathy

  4. Hello,

    Hope you are doing well!

    I visited your blog earlier today and just wanted to congratulate you on a well presented, and informative blog. I have an article on “Tips to Plan for Safe And Richer Retirement” which has content relevant to your site. I am interested to do guest post submission.

    Thanks & regards


    • Laura, if you are interested in doing a guest post, please contact me via email and submit your credentials. Thanks for your interest in my blog.

  5. Just signed on yesterday I’m 6mos into being a widow and trying to find some positivity.
    Enjoyed todays post…also missing my Mom!

    • Brenda, thank you so much for your readership and your comment. So sorry to hear about your losses. It will take time to find the positivity in your life, but it will come. I found that having gratitude for the 24 year loving marriage I had helped me through. Same for my mom who lived to 91. She is forever in my memories.

    • Bea, thanks so much for your positive response. Glad to have you as a follower and fellow boomer girl. Good luck to you as you start your new blog and I’ll definitely check it out. Also good luck with school

  6. Hi Judy,

    Your blog is just fabulous. I have just shared it with my mother, who is a baby boomer!! I find great tips and lots of fun. I would like to know how to have you review a product. Have a wonderful week…stay cool!

    • Tara, thanks for your positive feedback. So nice to hear kind and thoughtful words. If you would like me to review your product, please contact me via my email listed on my home page.

  7. Hi Judi,

    A friend recently connected me with your blog. What wonderful, and insightful information you share. And, all done my favorite way, with a dose of humor. I am a Transition Life Coach for Empty Nesters and will be sharing some of your posts with my followers. I can be found on FB… https://www.facebook.com/emptynestinstitute. Thanks again for putting such a positive spin on ladies in their “next chapter”.

    • Pamela, thanks for your note. Glad you find my information helpful. Would love to have you write a guest post sometime in the future.

  8. Hi

    Hope you’re doing well!

    I’m Rose Marlo and am an avid reader and blogger, a passion which I think we share.

    Your blog “aboomerslifeafter50.com” is by far the most interesting I have come across in the recent past, hands down!

    The writer in me is yearning to write a piece for your blog, maybe around 400-500 words, or whatever you are okay with.

    Awaiting your reply.

    Rose Marlo.

    • Rose, thanks for your positive review. Glad to hear you like my content. Please email me with your blog information and background and I will take a look and we can see if your content would work.

  9. Hi Judi, I don’t think I ever realized that you were in corporate communications and marketing when you were still on the corporate side. We’ve got quite a lot in common, I was in Corporate Communications for years on the corporate side, before I quit to start the life of a consultant which I’ve been living for the past 8 years. I really enjoy your blog!
    Claudia Schmidt recently posted…My 5 Year Remission DayMy Profile

    • Claudia, nice to connect and thank you for your positive comments about my blog. Hoping you will be at the BAM conference so we can meet in person. May the new year bring continued good health and happiness.

  10. Hi Judi (really Judy),

    Love your blog. What is your policy on me referencing some of your blogs for my audience?

    I am a crusader for Boomer women to help unravel the misinformation about skin care for our generation and I’m an exiting high level corporate consultant. Hooray! I bet we could swap some funny corporate America stories. 🙂

    If you need something stronger to keep your neck wrinkle-free, I’ve got something for you 😉

    Keep on Rockin’ It Gurl!!!!!

    Gretchen Asher recently posted…Ever Had Inspiration Come from Bad Times??My Profile

    • Gretchen, thanks for your nice words about my blog. Please feel free to email me directly if you would like to reference my blog content. Will take a look at your blog.

  11. Thanks, Judi for stopping by my blog. I’m really quite happy to have connected with yours. It’s nice to read about fellow Boomers who are aging but not necessarily getting old anytime soon. Looking forward to reading more!

  12. I am truly inspired by your website, Judy! I have been “throwing around” the idea of starting my own blog since I turned 50, 3 years ago. My website is not published yet but I hope to have it completed, soon. Currently I am living in Shanghai China as a “trailing spouse” (yes, the official term used for women who follow their husbands to China) expat and have lot’s of time on my hands! Anyway, thanks for your stories and insights – I look forward to seeing more!


    • Lori, thanks so much for your nice compliments on my blog. I am honored to have you as a reader. Sounds like you are having an exciting life after 50 so far – living in China!

  13. Hello Judi! As a retired fellow Baby Boomer , I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and find myself “needing” to submerge myself in your posts to laugh, learn and relate to other Baby Boomers.

    I have recently become a sales rep for Monat hair products. These products are all natural and I believe will help so many men and women and children.

    With your consent, I would like to send you samples of my hair products to use and send back your feedback. Your valued opinion would mean a lot.

    Thanks much Judi!

    Nan Colgan

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. It is humorous, enlightening and educational in that it is helping me to start my own blog geared to the baby boomers but from a different perspective. Please take a look at my site, and give me some feedback.


  15. Hi Judi

    Love your blog. Thank you for the wonderful review of your Rhine river cruise, I am looking forward to mine in May. Continue your travels.

    Thanks again

  16. Hi Judi,
    My good luck today – just discovered you. Seems like the whole world already does!! I would so love to share that after 60, i created my own “niche women’s travel” experience – and it is one of the best things I could have ever done! Feeling excited about life. Knowing I am making a difference – and working with Boomer Women. Love your blog. Here’s my site at “Women’s Journey to Kenya” http://www.globalheartjourneys.net
    Thanks a million! Linda Higdon

  17. Hi Judi,
    We met at TechMunch in NYC on September 28. I was sitting to your left (Cindy). Meeting you was inspirational. You are such a lovely woman and I can’t wait to read your blogs. Hope we meet again.~

  18. Just found your site and so happy! Following you now on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I’m an author, and my Facebook page is Singing in Silence, the title of my novel., a historical spiritual thriller. The protagonist, Stella, a progressive yet self-centered Bay Area menopausal woman, devastated by divorce and her mother’s suicide, is mysteriously lured on a soul-changing journey with her widowed best friend Maggie and finds herself as the leader of a global tribe of midlife women destined to usher in a culture of peace, as they are pitted in a quantum fight against the entrenched powerful forces that use hate to divide and control. A story connecting a similar random series of historical events into a single narrative that moves from San Francisco to France and spectacularly climaxes in Turkey. I would love to send you a copy to review and feature on your Book section. Thanks for your time and your work.

  19. Hi there Judy. My name is Barbara and my co-author and I have written a book called “Over-Sixty: Shades of Gray.” Do you ever blog about books on aging? This is a entertaining, informative book on how to navigate the aging process. Which for me to tell you the truth, sucks! I would love to hear from you. Our website is still under construction.

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