I could have called this post, “New Beginnings.” Or, I could have called it “Little Bird Flies The Coop,” or maybe “The Empty Nest Has Arrived,” but, I thought that “Ready To Fly,” was the most appropriate. Yes, my son left home today for college and he is “ready to fly” and so am I.

I didn’t even cry. No, I didn’t even shed a tear. (Well, maybe a little tear dropped from my right eye when I said goodbye…but not more than one little tear.) Maybe I am “ready to fly” too. Or, maybe I was just so tired from my cardio workout of climbing all the steps with all his stuff.

His dorm room was on the third floor. And we had to park at the bottom of a hill and then climb up three flights of steps. I helped him unpack. Put his tees in the bottom drawer and his shorts above. Put his linens on his bed and his comforter on top. Hung his towels on the hooks and stored his toiletries in the wardrobe along with all the rest of his clothes. Thank goodness there weren’t as many sweatpants as there were when I took his sister to school…definitely easier with a boy.

And then it was time to go. Yes, he told me to leave. No fuss, just a quiet nudge.

“It’s time to go, mom,” he said, “It’s time to go. I’m going to be okay.”

“He is going to be okay,” I said to myself, “but am I?”

Yes, our relationship is going to change. We are both flying off, shall we say, on different yet similar journeys. He has a lot to learn about life and truly being on his own…and I have a lot to learn about being an empty-nester…and being on my own. So many changes for both of us…but we are both ready to fly.

As I type my post on my new Macbook computer…I am worried. How am I going to learn this new technology by myself?
Yes, how am I going to find my favorite television shows on my two HD television sets? And how am I going to watch DVDs on the DVD players…I can’t even get them to sync up with the televisions? And how will I ever get all the songs on my old iPod onto my brand new iPod Touch that came with my brand new Macbook computer?

At least my son wired my brand new Macbook computer to his old printer…so if I have to print something, I hopefully will be able to figure out how to print a page.

“You better get a good handyman, too” my son said to me yesterday. “What are you going to do when I’m not around to fix things?”

“I can fix a light bulb,” I said to him. “And when you’re not around I’ll just stand on a chair or stool if I have to.”

I do hope he will call sometimes. Or maybe even ask me to webcam with him. I better sign up for my Macbook classes soon so I can learn how to use the webcam on this new computer so I can webcam with my son.

Oh, there is so much to learn. But, I’m ready to fly…and so is my son. Our wings are high…here we go…it’s September 1st and were taking off. I think we are both going to soar…wish us luck!


P.S. – Did I say I was going to be an empty nester? Oh, my other little birdie…my daughter…just called today to say she was re-nesting with me until she gets a full-time job and would be home tomorrow. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about fixing any light bulbs. And maybe she can help me put all my songs onto my new iPod Touch. I did give her incentive…I will give her my old video iPod if she will fix my new one. I’m such a good mama bird…my nest will always have room for all my little birdies.