Hi, I'm JudiBoomergirl!

Hi, I'm JudiBoomergirl, a post-50, or should I say as of January 2018, post-60 female baby boomer. My blog is targeted to the millions of baby boomer women (born between 1945 – 1964) who are going through a similar life journey in mind, body and spirit. Widowed at the age of 50, I’ve been reinventing myself for the past 10 years. My philosophy is to age gracefully, be optimistic about the future, and keep my chin up…so my neck stays forever wrinkle-free.

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Ready To Fly

I could have called this post, “New Beginnings.” Or, I could have called it “Little Bird Flies The Coop,” or maybe “The Empty Nest Has Arrived,” but, I thought that “Ready To Fly,” was the most appropriate. Yes, my son…


Eight Months and Counting

This week marks the eighth month mark…yes, it’s hard to believe that it has been eight months since my husband’s passing. I’ve had good days and not so good days. Some days I wish I could just talk to him…


Betwixt and Between

I’m catching up on my reading this weekend and I just read about the demise of the Sigrid Olsen label at Liz Claiborne. Not that I have ever bought her clothes…but I am a fan. I’m more of a fan…


Wedding Bell Blues

I’m angry…an angry widow…and I’m going to release my anger…get it off my chest…get it off my mind…so I can move on with my grieving…my grieving that I’ve tried so hard to manage through these past eight months…but some days…some…


Priceless Wedding Prep

Today is the big day. The wedding day…not my wedding…no, no, no…and I’m not even in the wedding party…it’s my nephew’s wedding. Don’t know why I am blogging when it is 8:30 am and I should be beginning my wedding…

Reinventing Retirement

Financial Check up

Now that I’ve had my cardio check up, I thought it was time to have a financial check up. I had always thought about getting a financial check up and after I became a widow, I thought it was time…