Hi, I'm JudiBoomergirl!

Hi, I'm JudiBoomergirl, a post-50, or should I say as of January 2018, post-60 female baby boomer. My blog is targeted to the millions of baby boomer women (born between 1945 – 1964) who are going through a similar life journey in mind, body and spirit. Widowed at the age of 50, I’ve been reinventing myself for the past 10+ years. My philosophy is to age gracefully, be optimistic about the future, and keep my chin up…so my neck stays forever wrinkle-free.
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Stress Me Out

Today I went for my stress test at The Heart House…my cardiologist had wanted me to get another stress test this year since I’ve had so much stress in my life recently. I think the two most stressful things in…

Reinventing Retirement

Graduation Day

After 18 years of waiting…18 long years…my son graduated today. I remember several years ago…yes…several years ago I used to think about this day…and I remember thinking to myself that when my son graduated from high school he would be…


Wish You Were Here

It’s Father’s Day. The first Father’s Day without my husband. It’s just not the same…no…it’s just not the same…and I’m sad…very sad that there won’t be anymore Father’s Day celebrations with my husband…I wish you were here. I wish you…


18 Things To Do

As I was eating my Reese’s Puffs cereal (my favorite cereal…although first I eat my Kashi Heart to Heart cereal for my health and then I eat a little bit of my favorite peanut butter and chocolate flavored cereal…this cereal…


Silence Is Golden

I’ve been taking a Stress Management class run by the University of Pennsylvania for about six weeks now. I’m learning how to do Mindful Meditation…yes, I’m learning how to be mindful…to reduce the stress in my body and my mind…


Helicopter Graduation

It’s been almost one whole week…one entire week since my daughter…my 22 year old daughter…graduated from college…yep…I survived four years of college…well…I guess she did too…I’m so proud of her…and I’m so proud of me…and my husband would be so…