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I thought I’d finish off my last blog post for 2016 by honoring some of the talented speakers from the 2016 Pennsylvania Conference For Women. I’d like to share a few quotes that resonated with me from that day. Maybe they will prompt you to think or act differently in 2017.

#PENNWOMEN, Pennsylvania Conference For Women 2016

Nearly 9000 women attended the 13th annual conference in October. The theme was “The Power of Us: Amplify Your Voice.” It was before the historic election when our first female candidate, Hillary Clinton, was on the ballot for president of the United States. It’s interesting thinking about these quotes now — after the November results. To me, these women’s words are even more powerful and the theme more important. Maybe that’s why I signed up for the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st.

Anita Hill Inspired Me
“You are here to be part of a movement that will help all of us move forward together,” civil rights pioneer Anita Hill said. “There are direct business costs related to harassment,” Anita said, noting the need to end ongoing harassment against women in the workplace, 25 years after she testified during the 1991 confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. “Time, energy and resources are diverted from work into litigation and court. So ending harassment is everybody’s business.”

Anita Hill, attorney and author; #PENNWOMEN

Anita turned 60 in July and is now a professor of law at Brandeis University. She said that despite the harsh treatment she received when she testified against Thomas, she will “continue to stand up and speak out” around equal education and employment protections for women. Quoting lawmaker and former presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm, Anita said, “I was, am, and will always be a catalyst for change.”

Abby Wambach Inspired Me
Abby is two-time Olympic gold medalist, FIFA Women’s World Cup champion and author of Forward. She spoke boldly wearing a “Wild Feminist” tee. Abby talked about Title IX. “It’s not just about sports,” Abby said. “Feminism is not just about having equal opportunity and equal rights. Men need to be acknowledged. I’m such a fan of the symbolism that Hillary Clinton offers to young girls. Think about the 12 year old boy. He will look at the 12 year old girl and think she could have the highest job in the world.”

Abby Wambach; #PENNWOMEN

Abby encouraged women to follow their dreams. “You might be doing something today or tomorrow. You might be working on something that you think is small. You might not even know where you are leading. If you believe, and have passion, there might be something out there that you haven’t even created yet, something that might be a big deal in the future.”

Mallika Chopra Inspired Me
I bought Mallika’s book, Living with Intent, My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy. Mallika is the daughter of Dr. Deepak Chopra, the world renowned author and expert on integrative health and wellness.

Mallika’s talk was my favorite. Perhaps because I am trying to live with intent during my life after 50. It’s part of why I meditate each morning, practice yoga each day, and became a yoga instructor to share the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of yoga with others.

#PENNWOMEN; 2016 PA Conference for Women; Mallika Chopra;

Mallika said that intents come from the soul. They differ from goals, which have more tasks. Intents are about how we want to live our life. “Look for qualities in your life that will make you more happy,” she said. Her six step path to living with intent includes:

♥ Incubate: Take time to think about what you want.
♥ Notice: Spend an hour not complaining or criticizing. Notice messages your body is sending you. Shift from always trying to do something. Just become aware.
♥ Trust: Trust your intuition. Often our mind will say something but our body will say something else.
♥ Express: Say what you want. Write down what makes you happy.
♥ Nurture: Mallika says “Self-care is as important as nurturing your loved ones or your ideas. Be gentle with yourself as you try to find your way. Intention isn’t always a straightforward path.”
♥ Take Action: Once you’ve identified an intent, take the practical steps that can make each become a reality.

Living with Intent by Mallika Chopra

Mallika shared this Balance Wheel which can be found in her book. How you are doing in each area?

You can learn more at her website

My Readers Inspire Me
I’d like to end by thanking you for your readership the past 12 months. You my dear readers inspire me each week when you read my blog posts. Your comments motivate me to continue to write. I feel grateful to share my life after 50 with so many wonderful women and to hear about your lives as well.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year. Om shanti, shanti, shanti, namaste, as we say when we end a yoga class. Peace, peace, peace, I honor you.