I’m prepping for my trip back to paradise. I’m going back to the Miraval Spa in Tucson, Arizona. Back to renew my mind, body and soul, like I did a year ago this same time of year (Read about my previous trip to Miraval). Only this time, I’m not going to make myself crazy and try to do EVERYTHING on the Miraval schedule. (Okay, I said I’m going to “try” not to do EVERYTHING every day, but there is SO MUCH TO DO!)

Relax, relax, relax. Om, Om, Om.

I’m definitely going to do morning and late afternoon yoga classes. Check, check.

I need a little cardio workout to rev up my heart rate.

I definitely want to try the Cardio Kickboxing. Check. I’ve never done Kickboxing before.

No new challenge courses for me this time around. I think I’m going to stay on the ground. Although, although, I did say last year that I would try the Climbing Wall again and see if I can make it to the top. I’ll have to see how brave I feel on the day of the Climbing Wall. (Will I be brave and face the Climbing Wall again? Can I climb higher? Stay tuned.)

I definitely want to attend the session on “Cultivating Resilience through the Power of Your Heart.” I want to be more resilient in 2010. According to the class description it sounds like it is just right for me. I will “learn powerful yet down-to-earth skills to cultivate resilience in the midst of daily stresses resulting in more energy, greater emotional balance and increased mental and emotional flexibility.” (Ooh, ooh, ooh, can’t wait to take this class. I’ll be sure to take good notes to share in one of my upcoming blog posts.)

I definitely want to go to the Drumming session too. I’m not a very good drummer, but it is supposed to enhance meditation. (Ooh, ooh, ooh, hope I can fit this class into my busy schedule.)

And you know what? You know what? You know what I also signed up to do? I’m so, so, so excited to tell you that I’m going to have a special Astrology Reading. I’m so, so, so excited. (I do hope that Astrologer C provides some good cosmic guidance for me.)

I do have to fit in all my wonderful Miraval Spa treatments,too. My plan includes one treatment each day. And I do have to allow myself time for breakfast, lunch and dinner with all the fabulous healthy spa cuisine food. (I wonder if I will be able to squeeze in lunch with the Exercise Physiologist on Tuesday?)

I hope I have time to read all the books I downloaded on my brand new Kindle. (Read all about my new Kindle electronic reader on my new Raves, Rants, and Review site and sign up to receive upcoming posts.) In fact, before I leave I must remember to pack all my chargers. Let’s see:

– I need my charger for my new Kindle. Can’t forget that.
– I need my charger for my computer. Can’t forget that.
– I need my charger for my cell phone. Can’t forget that.
– I need my charger for my Blackberry. Can’t forget that.
– I need my charger for my iPod. Can’t forget that.

I’m definitely going to be charged up as I renew my mind, body, and soul. I hope my clothes fit in my bag too!

As the Miraval introduction says, “Welcome to Miraval Arizona. This is where your journey begins. Whether you’re here to unwind (yes I am), explore (yes I am), strengthen or connect (yes I am), Miraval has over a hundred ways to help you on the path to living and feeling better. (Did they say 100 ways? I’m definitely going to have to book another trip for January 2011, 2012, and many more years to come so I can try them all.)