Since it is almost the end of the calendar year, I thought I’d go back and take a look at what my astrologer had predicted for me this year.  I had a wonderful astrology reading by Carolyn Crawford when I was out at the Miraval Spa last winter. 

Did Carolyn’s predictions come true?  Should I believe in this stuff?  Hmm, hmm, hmm.  Let’s see…

– Carolyn predicted that I would be very busy at work during the spring and that I would not be signing any contracts on my house.  CAROLYN WAS RIGHT!  I didn’t put my house on the market until the very end of August.  I tried to get it all fixed up during the prime buying season, but I never made it in time.

– Carolyn predicted that the weekend of May 30th would be a stressful time for me.  That was the weekend I attended my boyfriend L’s son’s wedding.  I met his ex.  It was more stressful for L than for me.  CAROLYN WAS A BIT OFF…BUT MAYBE SHE WANTED ME TO CHANNEL THE STRESS FOR MY MATE L. However, I was a bit stressed when one of the hors d’oeurves fell off the fork during the reception and soiled my indigo gown. 

– Carolyn predicted that June would be a good month.  It was.  It was.  CAROLYN WAS RIGHT AGAIN!  I so enjoyed June weekends at my condo on the corner at the shore.

– Carolyn said that August would be a happy time too.  She said that my relationship with L would be very steady.  Yes, it was.  We took lots of steady walks on the beach during August and practiced our twirls after each walk. (I’m trying to get L to take dance lessons, but twirls are as far as I’ve gotten so far.  I’ll have to go back to see Carolyn, or perhaps another more local astrologer in the new year, and see what she predicts for dance lessons for 2011.)

– “During the end of October, one of your children will experience a great deal of career success,” said Carolyn.  CAROLYN WAS RIGHT!  YES, SHE WAS!  YES, SHE WAS! My daughter A got a big job promotion in October.  I am so proud of A and her BIG accomplishments. 

– “You will be buying and selling real estate in November,” said Carolyn, “no sale before then.”  And all along I thought I was procrastinating about the listing of my house.  This is what Carolyn meant.  SHE WAS RIGHT!  My house sold this fall and now I am moving in about six weeks.

What does the rest of the year hold for me?  And what about the new year? 

According to Carolyn, I have lots to look forward to on December 27th.  All my planets will be aligned and this alignment only happens once every two years.  It is supposed to be a really nice day.  I’ll have to mark my calendar and do something special.

According to Carolyn, I will have extra dollars to spend on my home in January 2011.  (Maybe I should play the lottery on December 27th or go to Atlantic City and play the BIG slot machine on December 27th.  Maybe I will win and have lots of money to spend on my new townhome in January 2011.)

Oh, Carolyn.  Oh, Carolyn.  You are such a great astrologer.  I will definitely have to visit Miraval again and schedule another astrology reading some time in the future.

Oh, no.  Oh, no. Tonight at yoga my meditation card said “The Present.”   It said that “if I live in the present, the future will never come. That I should cherish each day, here and now.”

But what about all of Carolyn’s predictions for the rest of the year? What about December 27th…my special day?  And what about having lots of money to spend on my new home in January 2011?  

The Present.  Predictions.  The Present.  Predictions. 

Which way should I go? 

I think I should still buy a lottery card on December 27th.  You never know what can happen…I’m going with Carolyn on this one.