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life after 50, baby boomer women, boomer wellness“Will you join me for my flu shot?” I asked my boyfriend L. “We can go together this year to get our shots. You’ll hold my hand, since I am really not a fan of the needle.” Plus, CVS asked me to participate in their #StayHealthyWithCVS campaign*, so I asked L to help me with photographic duties.

It’s Time To Get My Flu Shot
I usually go to the CVS MinuteClinic each October to get my flu shot. It’s quick, easy, the nurse practitioner is friendly, and my insurance covers the vaccine. According to the team at CVS: “Getting the flu shot is the most effective defense against the flu. It’s important to get the flu shot each year because the immunity provided by the vaccine declines over time. It takes up to two weeks for your immunity to build up after getting a flu shot so the CDC recommends to get vaccinated as soon as flu vaccine become available.”

CVS MinuteClinic; flu shot; flu vaccine; boomer wellness; life after 50

I went to CVS MinuteClinic for my flu vaccine.

The CVS nurse practitioner J filled out the paperwork and then it was time for the shot. “Which arm do you want to use?” asked J. We both said “our left arm.”  (Note that a flu shot seemed minor compared to the 10 shots of lidocaine my pain doctor injected into my back, neck, and head yesterday for my ongoing occipital neuralgia. My post 50 body is feeling severely prodded this week.)

I went first. Tip, tap, shoot. By the time I cried “ouch,” J was applying a bandaid to my arm. L was up next and came through with flying colors. He was so brave and a wonderful flu shot companion.

flu shot; CVS MinuteClinic; boomer wellness; life after 50

My boyfriend L and I went for our flu shots together.

Tips To Prevent Colds and Flu
I reminded L that even though we received our flu shots, we still need to continue to protect ourselves from germs this winter, including as CVS experts advise:

Washing our hands frequently.
Avoiding touching our face.
Staying home when sick.
Getting enough sleep.
Remaining active.
Drinking sufficient fluids.
Eating nutritious foods.

The nice PR team at CVS sent along a box of goodies including Radiance Platinum Women’s MultiVitamin, chewable Vitamin C and Hair, Skin & Nail dietary supplements (I take a daily multi-vitamin, but usually prefer to get most of my vitamins in my food, especially antioxidants from my daily dose of blueberries and strawberries – I use the frozen ones during the winter and they are very good), and Saline Nasal Spray Moisturizing Spray (which I like to use each night, along with a cool mist humidifier in my bedroom, when the heat dries out my nasal passages). There were several other cold and flu relief remedies which – fingers and toes crossed –  I hope L and I won’t need to use this winter.

flu shot; CVS MinuteClinic; boomer wellness

Hoping I won’t have to use all these products now that I got my flu shot.

Gentle Yoga Poses for Cold and Flu Season
As a practicing yogini and a yoga teacher in training, I was pleased to read about “16 Gentle Yoga Poses for Cold and Flu Season” by Becky Striepe. I agree with Becky, that “rest is key when you’re healing from illness, but some gentle yoga practice can give you a bit of temporary relief, as well.” Becky provides some poses from Yoga Journal that may help with lingering symptoms, such as headaches, congestion and fatigue. As she says, “Like any other time you’re practicing yoga, listen to your body.”

yoga training, yoga mat

Keep your yoga mat nearby during the winter months.


A Bowl of Chicken Soup Heals The Soul
I cannot write about cold and flu season without putting in a positive word for chicken soup. My favorite nearby deli makes the best-ever chicken and matzoh ball soup. It heals my body and soul when the winds blow cold.

flu shot; boomer wellness; matzoh ball soup

A bowl of matzoh ball soup always makes me feel good too.

Remember to take time this month to take care of yourself and go get your flu shot. According to a CVS/pharmacy survey, nearly two in five U.S. adults have missed a life event because they were feeling ill with flu-like symptoms. I plan to remain healthy for all my family gatherings and get-togethers with friends this season — hope to see you there.

Be well!


Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with CVS/pharmacy for the #StayHealthyWithCVS campaign. I am being sponsored by CVS/pharmacy for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are my own, and all product claims or program details shared should be verified at CVS.com or with the appropriate manufacturers.