Cavapoo and golden doodle

Baby boomer blogger JudiBoomergirl caricature My in box is filled with press releases every month for all kinds of new products, books, beauty regimens and more. Most I discard or tell the PR team I’m not interested. However, last week I was intrigued when the team from wrote to tell me that March 23rd is National Puppy Day. They shared fun facts and figures from a recently published study about dogs and human relationships that I thought my readers would find of interest, particularly the facts about women and dogs.


My grand pups are part of my family

Golden doodle and cavapoo

My grand pups are an important part of my family

While I’m not a dog owner myself, I am a grandma to two dogs, my daughter A’s cavapoo puppy O and my son D’s girlfriend S’s golden doodle M. I learned a great deal about puppies and dogs while helping train puppy O this past summer at my condo on the corner at the Jersey shore.

Like a good grandma, I love both grand pups. I buy lots of toys for them, enjoy taking care of them and enjoy giving them back after the caregiving is over. Both A and D frequently send pup pictures to me. The pups make me smile and are an important part of the family.

Women and their dogs

What are the benefits of having a dog best friend? The study* revealed that dogs provide women with a connection akin to a family member, a better night’s sleep and trusted opinion on potential partner. It also showed that:

Women and Dogs

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– A dog’s gaze induces a release of oxytocin, “the love hormone,” which is linked to a strengthened emotional bond between mothers and babies.

– Women are more intuitive to dogs’ emotions than men because they have a higher emotional sensitivity.

– Dogs who interact with women are 220% more likely to be treated like people versus dogs who don’t interact with women.

– Single women place more value on how a potential partner interacts with their dog than single men do.

– Women are more likely to view dogs as members of their family.

– Women sleep better next to dogs than they do other people.

Will I get a dog during my life after 60?

Several friends and acquaintances suggested that I get a dog after my husband passed away. I resisted because of my travel schedule and wanting more flexibility once I was retired. Those reasons still hold true 14 years later. However, I feel I have the best of both worlds, I get to be a grandma to two adorable pups.

Montage of my grand puppies

My grand pups are the cutest

Do you agree with these facts and figures about women and their dogs? Do you consider your dog part of your family? Leave a comment and LMK.


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