Chocolate Mini Eclairs; foodie; chocolate #SFFS; boomer women; life after 50Are you hungry?

Are you thirsty?

If not, you likely will be after you read about my fabulous foodie day at the 2017 Fancy Food Show. Last week, I spent four hours walking 362,000 square feet of the Javits Center in New York while sampling goodies offered by 2,600+ exhibiting companies. As a long-term foodie (in my previous career I worked for two major food companies for 30+ years), attending the show and scoping out new products is always fun.

The Fancy Food Show has helped launch such brands as Popchips, Ben & Jerry’s, Walker’s Shortbread (my late husband M loved these biscuits), ZICO Coconut Water and Vermont Creamery.

#2017SFFS; foodie; Florence Fabricant, 2017 Fancy Food Show

I was excited to meet “The New York Times” food writer Florence Fabricant at the Fancy Food Show.

Move Over Millennials, Boomers Are Big Foodies
According to Today’s Specialty Food Consumer 2016 Report, “baby boomers are an experiential and experimental group. They use specialty foods the most of all groups, more than millennials, for cooking at home. They do a lot of scratch cooking and enjoy trying new things.” In addition to getting excited about their food, health and social consciousness play a role in purchases. They are also the most likely consumer group to purchase products that claim to be fair trade, ethical, or sustainable.

My Foodie Favorite
So now that you know that boomers are big foodies, I’m going to share the foods that pleased Judi Foodie’s post 50 palate during my gourmet walkabout. Some of these products can be purchased in local supermarkets, while others can be found in Whole Foods or smaller gourmet shops. If you cannot locate a particular product in stores I suggest checking Amazon or going on the company’s website.

Drum roll please! My absolute FAVORITE #1 product of the show was Kourellas Organic Greek Yogurt. It brought me back to my vacation in Greece (will share all the details of my trip soon) and the delicious creamy yogurt we ate during our stay in Athens and Santorini. Greek yogurt and honey is a breakfast classic in Greece. Kourellas yogurt was smooth and lighter than most Greek yogurts. Unfortunately this yogurt is not available yet on the east coast. I hope Kourellas gets a distributor soon.

#SFFS; Kourellas Greek Organic Yogurt; Kourellas; foodie

Second drum roll! Third and fourth drum roll! My absolute FAVORITE #2 and #3 and #4 products of the show were Bonchou Eclairerie mini eclairs, Petitpot Pot De Creme (French for delicious pudding), and SweetBite Baklava one bite wonders to satisfy the sweet tooth. All were phenomenal desserts with portion control. Yum, yum, yum! 

Bonchou Eclariere; chocolate eclairs; mini chocolate eclairs; #SFFS; foodie

Here’s To Your Health!

“Eat Like Your Life Depends On It” says Primal Kitchen founder, bestselling author, health expert & Paleo pioneer Mark Sisson. His products capitalize on growth of Paleo, avocado and collagen in the diet with dressings, vinaigrettes and marinades made with avocado oil, protein bars made with grass-fed collagen and an egg-free mayonnaise.
Primal Kitchen; #SFFS; Grass-Fed Collagen; foodie

Do you like chickpeas? If not, “Give Peas A Chance,” says Hippeas, the makers of Organic Chickpea Puffs. These gluten-free snacks provide a pop of protein, are high in fiber and contain 5 grams of fat per 1 oz. package. I liked the vegan white cheddar. Biena Chickpea Snacks claim to have as much protein as almonds and as much fiber as a cup of oats. They are available in single serve pouches in flavors such as Sea Salt, Rockin’ Ranch and Honey Roasted, and my top choice Dark Chocolate Roasted. Chickpeatos crispy roasted chickpeas have 50% fewer net carbs than pretzels, 33% less sodium than potato chips and the same amount of protein as nuts. There are even gluten-free organic Chickpeatos crumbs – just like bread crumbs.

Hippeas; chick peas; snacks; #SFFS; foodie

Biena; dark chocolate roasted chickpeas; #SFFS; foodie

For those who want more pea protein, I suggest trying new Protes, filled with 15 grams of protein per serving. These chips are available in sweet and savory flavors.

Protes; protein chips; snacks; #SFFS; foodie

Healthful ingredients were in abundance. I sampled Chocolate Hemp Heart Bites, Grain Free Coconola Coconut Granola, Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips (they also make Almond Flour, Casava & Coconut, and Cassava & Chia Tortillas – all gluten-free), Vivify Quinoa-Flax Seed Energy Sticks, and lots of sesame and tahini products.

Clean packaging caught my eye. I met the team from RXBAR. My daughter A likes these 12 gram protein bars. Their labels let the ingredients do the talking. “Egg whites for protein. Dates to bind. Nuts for texture. No B.S.” I’m looking forward to trying their two new flavors: Mixed Berry and Chocolate Chip. Wella Bar Chilled Organic Protein Bars had pretty packaging with bold type and fresh fruit and nuts. These bars are crafted in small batches with varieties made from house-made almond and cashew butters and fragrant wildflower honey.

RXBAR; protein bars; #SFFS; foodie

Probiotics are popular. I take a daily probiotic capsule which helps my IBS digestive health. Now it seems I can drink my probiotics in a wide assortment of beverages:

Revive Kombucha; kombucha; probiotics; #SFFS; foodie

Mother In Law’s Liquid Kimchi can be taken as a probiotic shot or used as a flavor elixir in recipes.
Harmless Harvest Coconut Probiotics is a refreshing, organic blend of Harmless Coconut Water with young Thai coconut meat and live probiotic cultures.
Revive Kombucha includes billions of probiotics in every bottle.

Beverages With Benefits
There were so many new beverages on the market touting a host of benefits:

HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water; #SFFS; foodie

HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water says that “molecular hydrogen provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, relieves fatigue, jet lag and hangovers, improves fitness performance and recovery, boosts energy and alertness and enhances circulation and cell function.” Amazing! (Can’t wait to try the sample I brought home.)
H2 Rose is the 1st rose water & saffron infused beverage that claims it “improves skin texture and appearance, improves digestive health, decreases appetite and is a natural mood enhancer. (Looking forward to #tastetheroses.)

H2 Rose Water & Saffron Infused Beverage; #SFFS; foodie  Milkadamia vegan, dairy free beverage is made from raw, not roasted, macadamia nuts. It provides 50% more calcium than 1% dairy milk and is an excellent source of Vitamin D & B12. (I drink almond milk and like macadamia nuts too. How about you?)
Clarity Juice is cold pressed and high pressure processed using non-GMO organic ingredients, so all the nutrients and enzymes are kept intact. I liked the Shine flavor made with carrots, apple, lemon, ginger and turmeric, which contains 1000% Vitamin A and 40% Vitamin C per serving.

Clarity Juice; #SFFS; foodie All Beauty Skincare Drink is water enhanced with some flavorings, 8 vitamins, and 7 nutrients that research has shown are good for skin. (With ever more wrinkles on my post 50 face and neck, I’ll drink anything that may improve my skin.)

All Beauty Skincare Drink; #SFFS; foodie Daily Greens offers a selection of cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices. They make Green Ade with green superfoods in flavors such as Green Lemon, Watermelon Hibiscus, Jicama-Blue Majik, Lime Basil and Orange-Turmeric. Flight of Greens provides other healthful benefits with varieties like Morning Greens-Probiotic Greens with Orange, Elevate-Smooth Greens with A Vanilla Finish, or Renew-Hydrating Greens with a Flourish of Watermelon.
 Fawen Drinkable Soup comes in three flavors and is made with whole organic vegetables – never juiced or pressed. These soup boxes can be consumed on-the-go if you like your soup at room temperature. (I prefer my soup heated.) I liked the varieties: Beet & Cabbage with Cumin, Broccoli & Cauliflower with Turmeric, and Sweet Potato & Red Lentil with Cinnamon. (Note: Turmeric was definitely trending and is supposed to be good for you.)

Fawen drinkable soups; #SFFS; soup; foodie OxiGen Water and OxiGen Shots can help you put more oxygen into your body, especially since we live in such a polluted world. There are 1,000 parts per million of bio-available oxygen in every bottle. (Breath in and drink up!)
 Purple Tea was mentioned by The New York Times food writer and cookbook author Florence Fabricant. This anthocyanin-rich tea is grown at extremely high elevations in Kenya which results in strong antioxidant properties and a Purple hue when steeped.

Purple Tea; Kenya Purple Tea; #SFFS; foodie; tea

And finally, I think I’ve found the “Fountain of Youth.” Yes, yes, yes! And it is10 million years old. It’s Tanzamaiji Prehistoric Drinking Water – yep, I’m not joking. Here’s the deal: “Tucked away deep in the Rift Valley of East Africa, physics and geography have collaborated to create a vault protecting the isolated and pristine waters of Tanzamaiji for more than 10 million years.” Yep, I’m not joking! “For the first time ever, a tiny portion of this untouched water is being harvested and bottled for the discriminating palate.”

OMG are you ready for this water? Maybe it really is the “Fountain of Youth.” I’m going to have to try some. How about you?

The Grand Finale – Chocolates 
This post is getting way too long and I was saving the best for last. What? You’re still hungry? There’s always room for dark chocolate and it’s also good for you – in moderation.

Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate; chocolate; dark chocolate; #SFFS; foodie

Tony’s Chocolonely makes slave free chocolate and their vision is to make all chocolate 100% slave free. Right now, slaves are working on cocoa farms in West Africa, many of them are children. I met the Tony’s Chocolonely man. They had a large booth to promote their chocolates and their cause.
Vosges Haut-Chocolat uses the finest ingredients sourced from around the world. There’s even Burnt Caramel Black Salt 72% Dark Chocolate and Grade A Matcha Green Tea Super Dark 72% Chocolate bars.
Videri Chocolates start with the bean and make it into a bar. Only the best cocoa beans, cocoa butter, and cane-sugar make it into these dark chocolate bars.
HU Get Back To Human Dark Chocolate bars are primal, Paleo, and vegan. They use organic stone-ground cacao, unrefined organic coconut sugar and make delightfully dark chocolate bars, naturally crunchy bars and decadent nut-butter-filled bars.

Are you hungry yet? Go eat something. Or if you’re trying to lose weight you can “chew your cravings away” with Snack Less Nature’s Hunger Buster Chewing Gums or Dates & Nuts Bars.

Snack Less Chewing Gum; SnackLess; #SFFS; dieting; foodie

Bon Appetit ♥