ScriptPath prescription management system; CVS Pharmacy; medication adherence; boomer wellness

life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomers“Remember to take your pills after you get home from breakfast” I told my boyfriend L this past weekend. “Yep,” he replied. Mind you,  I’m such a nice girlfriend to make breakfast for L most Saturday mornings.

Thankfully, I only have to remember to take a probiotic, multi-vitamin and cranberry and turmeric supplements each morning — and sometimes I forget to take one or the other. However, when I was having lots of UTIs a few months ago, I had to take two antibiotics, one 3x/day and one 4x/day — I wrote down when I took each dose so that I would not miss any. The woes of an aging mind.

According to my friends at CVS Pharmacy: “Studies show that a third of patients do not take their medications as prescribed and nearly 50 percent of patients with chronic conditions stop taking their medications within the first year of diagnosis.” Wow-o-wow, that’s not a good way to stay healthy and happy.

CVS Pharmacy; ScriptPath; medication adherence; boomer wellness

CVS Pharmacy has a new innovative system to improve medication adherence.

CVS  Pharmacy Introduces New ScriptPath System 

Managing your medications involves many factors including getting a first prescription filled, remembering to take medications on time and understanding the directions. But never fear, the experts at CVS Pharmacy are here — with a new prescription management system called ScriptPath. Since they are my friends, they asked me to share all the details in this sponsored post. After all, that’s what friends are for! Remember, I only share information that I agree with and feel is a benefit to my readers.*

Whether you have to manage your own medications or are a caregiver to a spouse or partner, or an aging parent or relative, ScriptPath can help ease these daily demands — so definitely ask your CVS Pharmacist about it.

ScriptPath prescription management system; CVS Pharmacy; medication adherence; boomer wellness

The ScriptPath bag provides more details about your prescription.

ScriptPath includes “the newly-released Prescription Schedule, which prominently features the patient’s prescription information with specifics such as, when and how much medicine to take, clear refill instructions and personalized notes. The sophisticated system automatically reviews all of a patient’s CVS Pharmacy medications and prescribers’ instructions, and then provides a schedule of the most effective times to take medications by separating it into four dosing times (morning, midday, evening and bedtime.)”

ScriptPath prescription management system; CVS Pharmacy; medication adherence; boomer wellness

The ScriptPath schedule provides the best dosing times.

Additional ScriptPath offerings slated to rollout in 2018 include “a new Prescription Label, which will feature clearer directions, larger text and color-coded icons to signify different times of the day for dosing, as well as a new Prescription Overview that will include easier-to-read dosing and refill information.” (I wish some of the over-the-counter medications had larger text too. Sometimes I can’t read the dosage. How about you?)

ScriptPath prescription management system; CVS Pharmacy; medication adherence; boomer wellness

CVS Pharmacy is rolling out a new prescription label with color-coded icons.

More Resources From CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy provides other resources that can help you stay healthy and happy. They offer pharmacist counseling, both in-person or by phone. Their research shows that “face-to-face counseling by a pharmacist is two to three times more effective at increasing patient adherence than other interventions.”

There’s also a mobile app that makes filling and refiling prescriptions easier. Patients can set up medication reminders within the app to help alert them when it’s time for their next dose.

ScriptPath prescription management system; CVS Pharmacy; medication adherence; boomer wellness; CVS App

A CVS App is available for your mobile phone.

In fact, I just dropped off my prescription for retinol at my local CVS Pharmacy after seeing my dermatologist. The pharmacy tech sends a text when my prescription is ready for pick-up, it’s so convenient.

Now for the retinol, my dermatologist did say it is drying to the skin but will help with all the bumps and age marks on my face. He removed a tiny mole on my nose and a larger one above my right eyebrow. Ooh, ooh, ooh, when he takes that smoking cauldron out to freeze off my moles it makes me a little nervous. “It will get crusty first, then your skin will be nice and smooth. Stay out of the sun though,” said doctor A.

For more information on the many resources that CVS has developed to help patients adhere to their medications and other ways to stay healthy and happy, visit or download the CVS mobile App.

There goes my ping. Gotta go pick up my retinol. Now I just have to remember to put it on my face every night.


Disclosure: I’m proud to be working with CVS Pharmacy to help spread the word about #BetterHealthMadeEasy, how to #FindYourHealthy and #DiscoverCVS. All opinions expressed are my own and all product claims or program details shared should be verified atCVS.comor with the appropriate manufacturers.