I went to the cardiologist this week for my six month check up. My cholesterol is pretty good (under 200), my triglycerides are low, my LDL is a tad high, and so is my HDL. “Stay on the Zetia,” said my cardiologist, “and keep up the cardio workouts.”

“Okay, okay,” I said. “I will keep up my exercise,” I promised to keep up my cardio workouts as I left the office.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing any cardio exercise. Not since I left the spa in January, the fabulous Miraval Spa in Tucson, and not much before that either.

“I can change, I can do more cardio workouts” I said to my 50-something body. And so I did.

Yes, this week I decided to get more physical. I decided to leave the disappointing manhunt, the sad soulmate search, the laggard lads on Jdate to rest for awhile, and put some punch into my life with a more robust exercise routine.

Monday I tried a new class at the gym. How excited I was to find out that my gym offered Zumba classes, just like the high energy Latin dance class at the fabulous Miraval Spa. There were mostly regulars in the Monday evening class so the teacher didn’t announce all the moves. It was difficult to keep up with the “Latin Lover” music, but I did a pretty good job of maintaining pace with my fellow Zumba sisters. Many of my Zumba sisters looked just like me. A few were older and a few were younger. We all danced to the beat, our bottoms jiggled and so did our tummies and hips.

I returned to the gym on Tuesday evening. Who needs a man when I have a treadmill and weight machines. I lifted those weights and I walked up a storm as Coldplay’s Viva la Vida played on my iPod Touch. While I wasn’t “ruling the world” as the song says, I was definitely working my 50-something body. Whooooah, whoooah, as I sang with the chorus, I was getting physical.

Wednesday I got home early and off I went to Zumba. “You’re back,” said the teacher. “Yes, I am,” I replied as I got ready to do my workout. Twist, turn, left, right, went my arms and legs, hips and abs.

Next up, was yoga. I can’t miss my Wednesday night yoga class. No I cannot. Soooooo, off I went to yoga.

‘Rejoice,’ that was the word on my Zen card as I selected the card from the deck. I stared at ‘rejoice’ every time I did my plank position (which I am proud to say I am able to stay in for a minute or so without having my bottom sag).

Despite the fact that I don’t have a male companion in my life right now.

Despite the fact that the stock market keeps tanking every day (or almost every day) and my stocks and 401K are in the bottom of the tank along with everyone else’s investments.

I thought about all the reasons why I should ‘rejoice.’ (It was amazing that I was able to stay in plank position, keep breathing and think all at the same time, truly amazing. What a ‘get physical’ girl I am.)

First, I should ‘rejoice’ because I am healthy and though no longer wealthy, I am still wise.

Secondly, I have two terrific kids, fantastic friends, a wonderful mom and extended family.

Third, I have a house over my head (and it is not under foreclosure like many others in the country) and a good job.

Fourth, there are less than 25 days left until the first day of spring and then it will start to get warmer and I will be all physically fit by then.

Finally, there are about 120 days left (and I’m counting) until the first day of summer. Then it will be really warm and I can enjoy my condo on the corner at the beach again. And, I will be in even better physical shape by then (good thing I am getting physical now since soon I will have to try on bathing suits. Ouch!)

As I lied in stillness at the end of yoga class on Wednesday evening, the end of what felt like a week to date of very physical work, I listened intently to the closing quote the teacher read from Albert Einstein.

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.”

What a smart man that Albert Einstein was. Wish I could find a smart and talented soulmate like Albert. Wonder if he has any great great single grandsons who might be looking for a soulmate.