Have you been on Facebook?  What you have hardly any friends on Facebook?  (However, I did see “The Social Network” movie this past weekend and it inspired me to think about ramping up my Facebook pages…but I haven’t yet.  And I was definitely in the “older people” camp as David Carr referred to in his NY Times article this week, “the older people who believed this to be a cautionary tale about a callous young man who betrays friends, partners and principles as he hacks his way to fame.”)

So much to do…I can’t keep up with myself.

Have you been on Twitter?  What you haven’t tweeted today?

So much to do…I can’t keep up with myself.

Have you used your new Wii?  Why haven’t you used your new Gold’s Gym Dance game that you won at the BlogHer conference?  What’s that…you’ve only danced once since you bought the Wii Gaming System specifically to dance?

So much to do…I can’t keep up with myself.

Have you read a book on your Kindle lately? Glad you downloaded several books, but have you read any of them in recent months?

So much to do…I can’t keep up with myself.

I know you just bought that wonderful new Magnolia Bakery Cookbook filled with recipes from the World-Famous Bakery in NYC where you ate the most wonderful vanilla cupcakes.  But, but, but, have you baked any cupcakes yet?  (I haven’t baked any cupcakes.  I so want to bake the vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and put sprinkles on top.  I bought the confectioners’ sugar yesterday for the icing.  Soon, soon, soon.  I must bake those vanilla cupcakes.  Ooh, ooh, ooh, I have to buy new muffin tins and cupcake holders before I can bake the vanilla cupcakes.)

So much to do…I can’t keep up with myself.

Have you read the October issues of Vogue, “O“, More, and InStyle?  No, no, no.  I’m still catching up with my September issue of Vanity Fair and haven’t even gotten to the article on Lady Gaga yet. (I do like this magazine.  I don’t subscribe, but I bought the issue on the newsstand because Lady Gaga is on the cover with gray hair and I do love Lady Gaga.  No, no, no, Judi you cannot subscribe to another magazine. Throw out that subscription card.  Do it now. Do it. Do it…throw it out RIGHT NOW.)

So much to do…I can’t keep up with myself.

Wait a minute.  Wait just a minute.

I have to stop thinking about all the things I haven’t done and start thinking about all the things I have done:

I have risen every morning and bicycled for 15 minutes while multi-tasking and reading my September magazines.

I have gone for my massage almost every week and taken my yoga class most Tuesday evenings. (Ohm, namaste.)

I have cut up all the tree branches that fell down on my lawn after the many rain storms. (Okay, my boyfriend L helped me cut up the large branches, but I dragged the heavy trash cans down to the curb this evening for tomorrow’s recycling pick up.)

I have lifted my weights at the gym this week and paid my bills so the electric and gas companies will keep my lights on and my heat running. (It is getting colder.)

And, finally, I may have sold my house and may put a bid in on a townhouse if the sale goes through. 

Whew, I am getting tired just reading all I have done.

Oh, no. Oh, no. It can’t be. 

What’s that in the mail box? The November issue of “O” magazine. It’s only October 6th? That’s not fair.

So much to do…I can’t keep up with myself.