Covid at home test

Baby boomer blogger JudiBoomergirl caricature Boy-o-boy, the Covid virus finally got a hold of my body this week forcing me to slow down. Thankfully, I have my vaccine and boosters up-to-date so my case isn’t too bad. For those of you who haven’t joined the positive group yet, this virus is like the flu and it will likely, at our age, make you tired. Bad sore throat here too.

BTW I tried Paxlovid, the drug that supposedly speeds up the virus shedding, and it didn’t agree with me — made me more nauseous and gave me a metallic taste in my mouth.

Covid at home test

I tested positive for Covid

Embracing quarantine day by day

This virus has given me time to reflect on my inspirational word for 2022. Back in January I declared my inspirational word to be embrace and that is exactly what I told myself: “Embrace your quarantine Judi. Don’t fight it or you’ll be quarantined even longer.”

So what have I been doing during my week of alone time?

Besides sleeping and sleeping and napping and napping, there were plenty of things to keep me occupied.

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more

I’ve been drinking so much tea and honey that it’s amazing I haven’t floated away. The nice marketing team at Adiago sent along some wonderful summer teas in flavors like fuzzy navel, mango melange and watermelon cooler. The loose tea leaves make equally refreshing ice teas. Adiago also sent a cold brew coffee dispenser which I tried. I’ve been drinking plenty of water as well, with a bottle in every room.

Adiago Summer Teas

I’ve been staying hydrated with Adiago Summer Teas

Read, read and read some more

I finished The Summer Place by Jennifer Weiner and am currently reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry. The nice publicists at Hardie Grant sent some new books for me to review too. Watch for more book reviews and some giveaways coming up soon. Ooh, ooh, ooh, there are two cookbooks that look amazing! Plus one book about styling your home, another about flower arranging and one about planning road trips in Canada and the USA — which is something my boyfriend E and I want to do once he retires next year.

Hardie Grant cookbooks

Some new Hardie Grant cookbooks to read and review

Enjoying inspirational podcasts

All these down hours have enabled me to catch up on my favorite podcasts and refresh with some new ones. There is a fab two episode podcast with Cheryl Strayed, the author of Wild, on We Can Do Hard Things, a podcast hosted by the writer Glennon Doyle. Cheryl has such insight and great advice about life. If you go to Apple podcasts or Google this podcast series look for episode 118: Don’t Let Your Dreams Ruin Your Life and episode 119: It’s Okay To Want What You Want.

I adore Cheryl Strayed and my goal is to one day take a writing seminar with her. OMG, she is teaching at Omega Institute this October, I may have to sign up. Meantime, I have to share what Cheryl said in the podcast I listened to last night. It really hit home even after all these years of living on my own and doing soul searching. Here’s what Cheryl said about fear:

Glennon Doyle podcast

“We Can Do Hard Things” is one of my favorite podcasts

“Don’t let fear rule your life. Shame, fear, doubt. Are they going to be the thoughts that rule you?” said Cheryl. “You can be afraid. That’s okay. Being brave. Being courageous. That ruler is at the core of you. That bigger self within you should rule your life.”

I LOVE THIS! It pumped me up even though I was down with Covid. I couldn’t get enough of Cheryl’s words. Here’s another brilliant nugget. Cheryl said: “We all have ITS – our Inner Terrible Someone. That’s what ITS stands for — it’s your inner terrible someone. It’s that voice inside of you that is so negative that tells you you can’t do this.” Cheryl said, “Don’t reject it. Instead say, “Hello ITS my friend. You can guide me but know that you’re usually 99% wrong.”

Don’t you love Cheryl Strayed too?

Taking care of my grand puppy

Although I wasn’t feeling well, I was on grandma duty this past weekend with my grand puppy O while my daughter A was on vacation. O is such a cuddly companion and helped cheer me up. He is always good for a snuggle and it forced me to get some fresh air when we went on potty breaks. O brings a smile to my face with his big brown eyes.

Ollie cavapoo

My grand puppy was a welcomed companion during my bout with Covid

Catching up on television shows

With all the streaming services I have you would think that there would be an overwhelming number of shows to watch. I did catch up on a fascinating Hulu documentary series about the downfall of Victoria Secret. Wow-o-wow, it was fascinating to learn all about how they marketed lingerie to the masses in the 80s and then how the #MeToo movement and other issues led to the company’s demise.

The other evening, I turned to an old fav rom-com and watched The Devil Wears Prada for likely the 50th time. It was still so good, so good, so good. And last night I watched Indian Matchmaker, which is back on Netflix for a second season. It’s good for a laugh or two.

No longer contagious

The doctor says after five days as long as I don’t have temperature that I am no longer contagious. Step by step, I’ll ease back into the real world. Back to pickleball, bicycling and long walks on the beach at my condo on the corner at the Jersey shore. Before I know it fall will be here. Better embrace every last day of summer 2022 before it’s gone.

Be well and stay healthy.


P.S. – My blogging queue is still full from my California trip a few months ago. Coming soon, I’m going to share all the details about some fab restaurants where I dined in LA and my visit to the Santa Inez Valley.