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Baby boomer blogger JudiBoomergirl caricatureWith all the negative talk these days around Covid-19 and the sad state of our country, it was nice to get some positive news in my inbox last week. That’s what I love about the blogosphere, you never know when someone is going to find you and give you a pat on the back.

Best Senior Blogs for 2020

“Healthline would like to congratulate you on making our list of Best Senior Blogs for 2020! We carefully selected each blog based on the quality of content, the consistency in posts, and engagement with their community,” said the team from Healthline. “We would love for you to share this accomplishment with your readers!”

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I guess now that I’m over 60 I’m officially a senior. It’s not so bad being this age. I like being retired from my full-time job. And I like the wisdom gained from my six decades. Maybe that’s why I’m able to write more authentically about the topics that interest me and not write about those that don’t. It’s so great being an entrepreneur and not having to adhere to anyone else’s editorial calendar or schedule.

Best Senior Health Blogs logo

Healthline selected my blog as one of their “Senior Health Best Blogs 2020

My self-care journey

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know that I’ve been on a self-care journey the past several years. It’s a journey that heated up last fall after my bladder cancer returned in 2019 (thankfully my June 2020 scope was all clear) and that I continue to nurture through these unprecedented times.

The Covid-19 quarantine has forced me into a slower pace and provided me space to delve deeper into focusing on my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I’ve also been doing more thinking about what truly brings me joy and cherishing those big and small moments with gratitude each day. In fact, I’m okay that my travels have taken a pause. Mindful walks on the beach, participating in a yoga class on Zoom, or listening to a meditation podcast, provide the simple happiness I need right now.

seagull on the beach

Like the seagull, taking mindful walks on the beach bring me joy

Healthline is here to support, guide, and inspire you

I was curious why Healthline selected my blog until I read their mission. The Healthline team seems to be a compassionate group of health professionals. They welcome visitors to their website with these words:

“You’re on a journey to health and wellness. And we’re right there with you.

How you feel affects every single day of your life, which is why you work so hard to get well and stay well. No matter your journey, we’re here to support, guide, and inspire you.

We cut through the confusion with straightforward, expert-reviewed, person-first experiences — all designed to help you make the best decisions for yourself and the people you love.”

I like the Healthline motto and aim to be a compassionate writer with high integrity for my work too.

Judy at her condo

Like the Healthline mission, I’m working hard to get well and stay well during my life after 60

The fastest growing health information site

I’ve frequently found myself on Healthline when googling health and wellness topics. They are the fastest growing health information site with over 200 million visitors every month. (Source Google Analytics, July 2019) Healthline covers all facets of physical and mental health openly and objectively because they recognize the whole person — for your whole life. Their resources range from a health and wellness library and newsletters to apps, podcasts, and communities.

In addition, Healthline has quality protocols for their editorial content which they describe in detail on their site.

Keeping my chin up so my neck stays forever wrinkle-free

poster of enlightened women

This print that I bought when I turned 50 still captures my feelings about enlightened women

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been blogging for almost 13 years. The blogosphere has gotten much larger since I started my tiny blog during my countdown to 50 many moons ago.

I keep writing because I still find it fun to share what I know and learn in the hopes that it will inspire my readers in some small way. As always, I thank you for being there for me through my ups and downs. No matter how many downs, I maintain a positive foundation to keep my chin up so my neck stays forever wrinkle-free. However, as the above poster says: “Enlightened women like us know that a positive attitude is the key to happiness. But a sports car, a house on the beach, a vacation in Paris would be nice too…”

Be well.