I just finished one of my major work events of the year and I feel like I’m finding my way back to civilization again.  I’m at home today with a sinus infection and my body aches.  I think my body has been telling me to slow down, but unfortunately, I have not been paying much attention. Instead, I’ve been driven to distraction by all the technology and ‘to do’ lists that I’ve created for myself.

First, let me check in on my technology:  There’s my personal emails to catch up on.  There’s my work emails to read.  There’s my Twitter account that has not been attended to (wonder how people are following me when I’m not following myself?) There’s my new Facebook page that currently only has a face, but no updates. (I was invited to be friends with a former high school buddy.  Curious about all the other 1975 friends I graduated with, I just had to go on Facebook and check them out too. OMG, is that what we look like 35 years later?)  There’s my Kindle e-book reader that has laid dormant since vacation (Glad I read one book on that e-reader). And, as always, my  blog, which needs tender loving care.

Note to self: Put the red light up. Stop the technology.  Slow down.  Remember what life was like before mobile phones, Blackberries and computers?  I think I need to take a one or two week break and not make myself feel guilty.  Right? 

Instead of reading  all my Blackberry messages, I should let go and be eating all the strawberries that are in my fridge.  I should be making strawberry shortcakes with Cool Whip topping and putting my feet up.

“Mom, you need to chill-ax,” my daughter A said to me this weekend, “Come watch an episode of The Hills with me.” 

“Chill-ax,” I said to A, “What does that term mean?  I never heard of that phrase.”

“It means ‘chill’ and ‘relax’ both at the same time,” said A.

It sounded good to me. I’m so glad my twentysomething daughter can teach her fiftysomething mother how to ‘chill-ax.’

Of course, it didn’t last long.  After The Hills was over, I was back with my ‘to do’ list.  Laundry to wash.  Food shopping to do. Closets to clean. (I did feel good after organizing my spring/summer clothes and packing my winter wardrobe away for another year.  I was good and threw out a few items that I had never  worn this winter.) Two weeks of newspapers to read. (No, I didn’t read all two weeks worth.  As usual, I piled the newspaper pile higher for future reading.) A months worth of magazines to read. (When will I learn to stop subscribing to magazines that I don’t have time to read?  I am a magazine-a-holic! Yes, I’m 50+ and I’m still a magazine-a-holic.  Should I get an iPad so I can keep all my magazines in one spot?)

Note to self: Tear up ‘to do’ list. Okay, okay.  Tearing up the ‘to do’ list may be a bit too harsh.  Maybe I should make a shorter list?  I did enjoy reading the May issue of InStyle magazine this weekend.  I always learn so much about the fashion trends from reading my magazines (watch for an upcoming blog on all I’ve learned about spring fashion trends.) I was pleased to see that the page on ‘your Look At Any Age’ now includes a style for those in their 40s to 50s+.  I did notice that a little + sign was added.  Thank you to the editors for recognizing that baby boomers read these pages too.

So, what am I going to do today to bring myself back from distraction and as my daughter says, ‘chill-ax?’

– First, I’m going to take an afternoon nap.
– Next, I’m going to take a leisurely bath with Epsom salts to soothe my aching bones.
– Then, I think I’ll have a cup of warm tea and a raisin bagel with low fat cream cheese (need to watch my fat content) for dinner.
– After that, I’m going to watch Lady Gaga, who I hope is on American Idol tonight.  She is so great!
– And finally, before I go to sleep, I may have to watch the newest episode of The Hills.  Am I hooked on this show again?  Dare I say so?

Oh, Judi, just ‘chill ax’ and go watch the show, will you???