Baby boomer blogger JudiBoomergirl caricature With my 65th birthday behind me, it’s time to declare my #oneword for 2023. I’ve been pondering several the past few weeks and finally landed on “nurture.” It’s an ideal word for me as I evolve mentally, physically and emotionally into the second half of my sixties.

What is a #oneword philosophy?

Health educator Andy Milne says #oneword is like a fresh take on resolutions. He says, “The theory behind the idea of identifying a single guiding word is that it points us toward the type of person we want to become. And unlike a resolution, a single word can’t be broken. I visualize this as a word that sits on my shoulder and gently nudges me towards a more improved version of myself.”

Business coach Nicole Dean suggests that “you decide what one thing, if applied to every area of your life, will have the most impact and bring the most positive changes into your life. Then you work to apply that word to every area, situation, and task in which you find yourself.”

And health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, says her word “describes how I want to direct my energy.”


My inspirational word for 2023

There’s a softness that I like about nurture. I need softness in this hard, cold world that is constantly battling between the pandemic, politics, global warming, guns and violence, and more . Frankly, our earth could use a big hug right now.

Judy at Disney World

May my cup runneth over with calm nurturing vibes in 2023  (Note: this pic is from DisneyWorld — will share more about my trip in an upcoming post)

Let’s see how Oxford defines nurture. As a verb, it means to “care for and encourage the growth or development of someone or something.” While usually associated with mothering or parenting, I’m going to allow myself to tweak the definition and substitute “care for and encourage my growth or growth or development of myself.” Ooh, ooh, ooh, I really like my inspirational word for 2023.

I like the calm vibes that nurture emits. I like its energy, like Dr. McGonigal says. I also think it’s going to be a perfect word to “sit on my shoulder”each day as Andy Milne suggests, especially when my Type-A Personality goes into overdrive.

Yep, it will be nurture that I turn to when I want to play pickleball every day and my arthritic knees and hips need rest. It will be nurture that taps my shoulder when I attempt to say “yes” to seven invitations in seven days and instead set limits with a a few “no’s.” It will be nurture that reminds me that my 65 year old body is not as quick to adapt as it did when I was 45 or even 55.

Lisa Congdon poster

I’m a fan of artist @lisacongdon and like her words about nurturing 

“Take it nice and easy”

Cosmic RZ astrologer Madi Murphy says that “collaboration and inclusivity will reign supreme in 2023, presenting opportunities for introspection and self-growth.” She says: “Take it nice and easy. Use these first few months to meditate on your goals and visions for the year. You’ll be better equipped to tackle them head-on come springtime.

“It’s a great time to plan, to plot, to look ahead,” says Madi. “It’s really not the time to plant seeds or to start something new; it’s the time to reflect. What worked last year, what didn’t?”

“Take it nice and easy. Introspection and self growth.” Hmm, I think Madi would approve of my inspirational word for 2023. That’s what nurture is all about. Now I just have to put it into practice.

Okay, Judi, you have 11 more months to go. It’s not a race to the finish line, nurture is just an inspirational word on your shoulder for 2023. For this moment, I’m dropping the mic about nurture and ending with a meme sent from my BFF R:

New year meme

Don’t you love it? How do you plan to nurture yourself in 2023? Any good ideas to pass along? Leave a comment and LMK.