NY Giants Superbowl 2008

life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomersToday was a super day. That’s because the Giants football team won against the Green Bay Packers. They did it. They won! My late husband M’s favorite football team won their NFC championship game and they are going to the Superbowl. And I know my husband was watching down over them. Yes, he was watching down over them and guiding their throws, guiding their catches, guiding their kicks.

Wish My Husband Were Here To Celebrate

Only, only, I wish he were here with me, helping me cope with the fact that he was not here beside me to cheer them on. Helping me cope with the fact that I miss him. Yes, I missed having him here to share those catches tonight, and those throws, and those kicks.

My husband was a huge Giants fan. A 6’4″ Giants fan. I’m only a 5’3″ Giants fan. I need another foot to equal his passion for the game. Plus another inch on top of that foot. I hope he knows that I was rooting for them, and so was our son and our daughter. We were all in different places watching the game, but we were big fans tonight. We were big fans in honor of my husband’s legacy.

NY Giants Superbowl 2008

The New York Giants were in the Superbowl the year my daughter and son were born.

The Giants and My Family

The Giants’ wins are pretty symbolic to my family. They won the Superbowl the year my daughter was born. Yes, 1986 was a good year for the Giants. They also won the Superbowl the year my son was born. Yes, 1990 was a good year for the Giants too. And now they are entering the Superbowl once again in honor of their 2007 year. It is fitting that they should be the NFC Champs the year of my husband’s passing. What a tribute they are giving to one of their greatest fans and to our family. They have put smiles and laughter back on our faces and for that I am grateful.

New York Giants Superbowl ticker tape parade 2008 season

We went to the ticker tape parade for the New York Giants when they won the Superbowl for their 2008 season

Honoring My Late Husband’s Love of Football

Now we will get to cheer them on once more. Once more for 2007. Once more to honor my husband’s love of football. The sport that he loved so much and the team that he worshiped is now going to the Superbowl. They may not win against the undefeated Patriots but with someone like my husband to watch over them who cares if they win. The smiles we will all have on our faces when we see the Giants walk out on that Superbowl field will be worth it — win or lose.

I’ll be there watching. I might even put on my husband’s old Giants sweatshirt — it will feel so good.