reinvention after 50

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Last week, I had a chance to share my reinvention after 50 during an interview with Mary Rogers from Experience 50 – The Podcast. It’s an audio show that as Mary says “Kicks Your Midlife Into Gear.” It was my second-ever podcast and a change of pace from the written word.



Experience 50 - The Podcast; reinvention after 50

An Experienced Host
Mary is a a mentor, entrepreneur, entertainer and former talk radio host with over 3,000 interviews under her belt including celebrities and public figures. Since launching Experience 50 – The Podcast, Mary says ” I’m enjoying having real conversations with real people about their stories, life lessons, pivots and also with topic experts who can provide the information they need as they navigate changes that come with balancing a bucket list with grown kids and aging parents.”

Experience 50 - The Podcast; Mary Rogers; reinvention after 50

Mary Rogers is the host of Experience 50 – The Podcast.

To quote her website: “With The Experience 50 Podcast and, she is rapidly expanding her following of highly motivated midlifers looking to make the most of this life and have an awesome third quarter. From teaching confidence building skills to sharing tips on how to gracefully become an in-law or grandparent, Mary just has a way of making the road to change smoother and a helluva lot more fun.”

Reflecting on a Decade of Change
Mary asked me to reflect on my decade of reinvention from 49 – 59, after losing my spouse, selling my house, emptying out my nest and retiring from my full-time job. During our conversation I talked about how I used my yoga and mindfulness practice and blogging to successfully transition into my second act. I spoke about the role of gratitude, about making new friends, and working with a coach to help me make the right choices.

reinvention after 50

Next month will mark four years since I retired from my full-time job.

yoga; yoga instructor; reinvention after 50

I’ve made new friends during my life after 50 and am proud to be one of the yoga instructors at my local Jewish Community Center.

How To Listen to My “Reinvention at 50” Podcast
To listen to my interview go to Experience 50 – The Podcast and click on the E097 Reinvention at 50 episode. The interview is about 30 minutes. Let me know what you think. (Ooh, ooh, ooh, I didn’t mention my boyfriend L or how we met via online dating almost eight years ago. He is a big part of my life.  I told Mary afterwards that I would be glad to participate in another interview to talk about companionship and new relationships post 50.)

Experience 50 - The Podcast; reinvention after 50

Click on the 097 episode link on Experience 50 – The Podcast to listen to my interview.

Also take time to explore all of Mary’s 100+ podcasts or subscribe to Experience 50 – The Podcast on iTunes to hear all the episodes. There are some interesting people and topics and she is a great host.