I guess I could say that my summer of 2009 is shaping up to be a good summer so far. Yes, so far,it’s been so good. Let’s see, what’s been so good, so far:

– So far, it’s been so good that my little flowering plant that I bought in the spring still has a little flower blooming on one little stem. I am so proud of my green thumb, it is definitely getting better with age. And my watermelon plant continues to flourish too. Maybe I will have to go back to Smith & Hawkens and pick out an orchid next. Ooh that would be an adventure. I’ll have to ask my green thumb and see if it is up to such a challenge. (Note: Just read that S&H closed up their website…hope their stores are still in business…these recessionary times are not helping matters.)

– So far, it’s been so good that my bamboo in my backyard is behaving and letting my red maple tree come back to life with a lot of beautiful red leaves. I do like that tree and am so glad to see it survived after the trauma it went through last summer when it was surrounded by bamboo shoots.

– So far, it’s been so good on the grilling front, too. Yes, I now know how to grill a steak (or rather a London Broil) on my Weber charcoal grill. I was very worried about my July 4th barbecue — my son asked me to grill meat. I had never grilled meat before, that was always my late husband’s job. He was the grill master and now I had to master the Weber.

“Can I grill this meat?” I asked the nice lady at the supermarket last Thursday. “Absolutely,” she said as I looked at the London Broil in the refrigerated case. “Will this meat be tough on the grill?” I asked another nice lady as I picked up a package of the meat and put it back down. “It will be fine,” she said, “I always marinate London Broil and it is delicious on the grill.” I inched closer to the refrigerated case again and picked up a package of the meat again and put it back down again. As I moved away, the nice lady #1 came back over to me and gave me two packages of London Broil. “Take these,” she said so sweetly, “marinate them and then grill them, I guarantee they will be delicious.”

I was a serious grilling student. I bought teriyake marinade and marinated my London Broils for two whole days. Then I downloaded the Weber Grill instructions and read the directions cover to cover – where to put the charcoal, how to pile the charcoal, how long to wait for the charcoal to heat up, how long to cook a steak on each side depending on thickness. So glad my friend L was there to help me pile the charcoal (twice – we did it wrong the first time) and light the fire, and count the minutes until the London Broil was cooked to perfection. Not only was it so far, so good…but I used all the leftovers tonight to make a superb steak salad. And there is more London Broil left…I guess I didn’t need so much meat after all.

– So far, it’s been so good that I’m still dating L. I hope he still continues to want to see me, especially after I made him get all full of charcoal this past weekend.

– So far, it’s been so good that the sun is shining again and the rain has subsided for awhile. I am determined to get an even tan this summer. I must get a new strapless bathing suit so that I don’t have any strap marks when I wear my Nicole Miller strapless dress to my colleague’s wedding later in August. I do hope I can still find a strapless bathing suit. I better hurry up and order that brown strapless suit I saw online on Lord & Taylor’s website (so far, it’s so good that they still have my size left in stock. It is the only size left and it is my size…so I guess I MUST hurry, hurry, hurry and buy it.)

Yes, despite the fact that I need a new roof on my house.

Despite the fact that weeds are starting to appear in the cracks and crevices of my stone walkway (even though I thought I paid a lot of money a year ago for the magical sand that was supposed to keep weeds away from my cracks and crevices forever…or so the trusted landscaper said and I regretfully believed him.)

And despite the fact that I’m still having many sleepless summer nights and emotional ups and downs due to my menopausal hormonal moments…

My summer of 2009 is shaping up to be so far, so good. Glad there are many more weeks left. Although, soon my August and September issues of Vogue and InStyle will arrive and then I’ll start thinking about Fall. A new season will be here before I know it. I better hurry and buy that strapless bathing suit.