Capri; Isle of Capri; Italy Amalfi Coast

life after 50, boomer travel, over 50My family vacation to Italy with stops in Rome, Florence and a full week’s stay in Positano was already the best it could be — so how could it possibly get better? “I booked the six of us on Blue Star for a day trip to the Isle of Capri,” said my daughter A. She reserved spots ($60EU pp) in advance for my sister N and me, A and her friend J, and my son D and his girlfriend Jo, for a midweek voyage from Positano to Capri.

Capri; Isle of Capri; Amalfi Coast; Blue Star Boat Company; travel; Italy

I’m so glad I followed this advice.

Sailing to Capri

“Welcome aboard,” said our captain Pepe as we climbed onto the boat at the dock early Wednesday morning. The water was choppy and the boat wavered in the waves. Those who had eaten were feeling seasick. (I highly advise not eating during sailing and was glad my stomach was empty. If not, I recommend taking Dramamine beforehand.)

Blue Star Boat Company; Capri; Italy; Amalfi Coast; travel

Pepe was our captain on Blue Star.

“Unfortunately, the Blue Grotto is closed today due to high winds. I’ll take you to the Green Grotto, we’ll go swimming in the Mediterranean, you’ll have time to explore Capri, and we’ll stop for a swim on the way back,” Pepe said.

Capri; Amalfi Coast; Green Grotto; Italy; travel

The Green Grotto Cave is awesome.

He revved up the motor and off we sailed. Pepe told tales about mermaids and the Romans along the way. Halfway there he dropped anchor at the bay as promised and offered us a chance to jump into the clear aquamarine water. My companions obliged and took the plunge. Not wanting to walk around Capri in a wet bathing suit, I held off. (Note: Wear your bathing suit if you plan to go swimming. Towels are provided.)

Capri; Amalfi Coast; Italy; boomer travel

The two rocks leading to Capri are a landmark for lovers.

Once everyone was back on board, we traveled between the two landmark rocks leading to Capri. “You are supposed to kiss your lover when you go through for good luck and good life,” Pepe said. My son D and Jo did the honorary gesture.

High up in Anacapri

With only hours to explore the island, we took a taxi to Anacapri, the town on the hill where many shops and restaurants are located. There we found exclusive designer boutiques, decorative ceramics and souvenirs, and places to have leather sandals made to order. I can see why Capri is a popular destination for lifestyles of the rich and famous.

Capri; Isle of Capri; Amalfi Coast; Italy; Boomer Travel

Shopping in Capri includes designer boutiques and lots of souvenirs.

Pepe encouraged us to take the tram ride to Monte Solaro, the highest peak on the island. We got in line, paid our $11EU for a roundtrip ticket, and stepped on the platform to grab the tram. What an adventure looking out over the entire landscape. Up, up, up, we went. Up, up, up we went even more. I was starting to get a little nervous as the tram went higher and higher stopping at the top — almost 2000 feet above ground level.

Capri; Mount Salaro; Amalfi Coast; Isle of Capri; Italy

We took the tram to the top of Capri.

It was well worth the trip. The views from Monte Solaro are the best-ever-ever. I could have stayed there all day and meditated on the top of the mountain.

Capri; Mount Salaro; Isle of Capri; Italy; Amalfi Coast

Remember the two rocks? See how high up we are on the mountain top?

Capri; Mount Salaro; Isle of Capri; Italy; Amalfi Coast

I could have stayed up on the mountain top all day.

The best day of my life

When the clock struck 4:00 p.m. I felt like Cinderella who had to rush home. Wish I could have left my glass slipper (or maybe my flipflop) on the island and a rich man could have found it and brought me back to live in Capri. A boomer girl can dream!

Capri; Isle of Capri; Mount Salaro; Italy; Amalfi Coast

The six adventurers on top of Mount Salaro.

“The Best Day of My Life” was playing as the boat turned and headed back to Positano. We had a second chance to swim among the fish in the Mediterranean. It was an experience unlike any other.

Capri; Amalfi Coast; Italy; Positano

Swimming in the Mediterranean water was awesome.

Pepe toured the boat around the Green Grotto.The colors of the water glistened from the rays of the sun. “Look closely and you will see coral growing on the sides of the cave walls,” said Pepe. It was easier to see the coral when the waves subsided.

Capri; Amalfi Coast; Green Grotto; Coral; Italy; boomer travel

Can you see the coral growing on the rocks in the Grotto?

Sadly one of “the best days of my life” was coming to an end. As we approached the shore, Pepe gave us limoncello to toast our perfect day. Despite a few upset stomachs we all agreed that our trip to the Isle of Capri was a major highlight of our week on the Amalfi Coast.

Capri; Isle of Capri; Italy Amalfi Coast

Visiting Capri was a highlight of my family vacation to Italy.

Tired and weary from a very full day, we waved goodbye to Pepe, and said we’d be back sometime to see the Blue Grotto. We were all very hungry after not eating for most of the day. Pizza and pasta for dinner, gelato for dessert, and a 1000 steps later and we were tucked in our beds with memories to savor for a lifetime.

Pasta; Positano; Amalfi Coast; Italian food

Pasta for dinner in Positano.

Pizza; Positano; Italian pizza; Amalfi Coast

Pizza for dinner.

Positano; Amalfi Coast; Italy; Boomer Travel

We walked back up the hill as the sun set on another fabulous day on the Amalfi Coast.


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