Judi Travel Caricature A few weeks ago, I celebrated PRIDE Month with my LGBTQ+ family and friends during a weekend in Provincetown, Massachusetts. As the tourism team says: “Provincetown is a favorite LGBTQ+ destination.” Known for its “bohemian culture,” it’s a welcoming place that “celebrates individuality and freedom of expression.” It was my first time visiting and I couldn’t have asked for a better initiation.

If you’re looking for a FUN time, Provincetown is the place to go throughout the summer months (other seasons look equally inviting). The only negative is there is major traffic on the two lane road leading in and out of Cape Cod and Provincetown is at the tip. Bring some snacks for the ride and download some podcasts or an audiobook and you’ll be all set. (Or take the ferry from Boston and leave your car behind.)

Provincetown, MA fire station

Provincetown is a popular LGBTQ+ destination

Carefree and walkable living in P-Town

My BF E and I drove from Central New Jersey to P-Town on a Thursday afternoon and it took us eight hours to get to the Seaglass Inn & Spa — our lodging for our four-nights stay.

There’s no need for glamour in P-Town. I’d say our room was more motel-like with a tad musty odor and thin white towels you expect at a beachy resort. Continental breakfast (made to order) and available in the lobby each morning was an added touch.

Seaglass sits on a hilltop with a lovely view of the countryside. We didn’t have any spa treatments, although I’m sure I would have enjoyed one if I did.

We were rarely in our room because we were so busy having FUN in P-Town.

Seaglass Inn and Spa in Provincetown

It’s nice to sit on the Adirondack chairs and look out on the vista at Seaglass Inn and Spa

Ooh, ooh, ooh, now it’s time to share our FUN activities that brought smiles to all — except for the sunset cruise in the rain which brought more shivers and smirks than smiles.

An afternoon at Herring Cove Beach

P-Town has beautiful beaches surrounded by quintessential New England sailboats out on the water. We bought  beach chairs at a local shop and an umbrella, filled our cooler with beverages to stay hydrated, and packed up the car for a relaxing afternoon at the Herring Cove Beach. I think beach gear is available to rent as well. BTW there’s a National Park Beach senior parking discount so be sure to ask.

Herring Cove Beach in Cape Cod

Herring Cove Beach is on the bay side so the water is warmer

A bicycle ride along the Province Lands Bike Trail

“Let’s go for a bike ride on Friday morning,” said our hostess E, who had coordinated the group getaway to celebrate a family member’s birthday. “We’ll rent electric bicycles and ride the Province Lands Bike Trail.”

I was nervous. I’d never been on an electric bike. The nice salesman from Gail Force Bikes fitted me with a helmet and adjusted the seat for my height. With toes on the ground, I listened closely as he explained how to use the charger and brakes. “Be careful on the sand dunes,” he said. “They can be slippery if covered or wet. Go slow and use your brakes when needed.”

J and E in their biking attire

Electric bicycles helped my BF E and I on our 10+ mile ride around P-Town parks and beaches

Off we went in single file as were were told. I kept my distance, adjusting my speed as hills approached. Zoom, zoom, zoom – I couldnt believe I made it up the hill. The electric bike gave me the extra push. OMG now down the hill. SHIT – I slammed on the brakes and kept my feet and eyes steady. PHEW! Thank you G-D, I made it without a scratch.

I was proud of myself when we returned from our journey. It was scary and exhilarating. “I did it. I did it. I can’t believe I did it,” I said to E. He did it too. “I’d love to get an IZIP bike  — it was so comfortable and a great way to travel.” (Note: IZIP electric bicycles are very expensive.)

Brunch with the drag queens

Next on the schedule was a Drag Show brunch at the Post Office Cafe and Cabaret.  The maitre’de was dancing at the door as she led us to our table. We ordered entrees and then the show began. Out came the Drag host in her black wig and heels. Then there was a pregnant Queen and one outrageous outfit after the other. It was P-Town at its peak. When in P-Town you must see a Drag Show!

Drag Show at Post Office Cafe & Cabaret

It was a really FUN time at the Post Office Cafe Drag Show

A sunset cruise to Long Point Lighthouse

That night, our Sunset Cruise took us to Long Point Lighthouse at the tip of Cape Cod. As I noted before, had it not been rainy and cold, this cruise would have been a lovely way to spend an evening in P-Town. I’m giving this activity a B with a “better next time” rating. We did see a few seals so it wasn’t a total loss.

Long Point Lighthouse at the tip of Cape Cod

Long Point Lighthouse is at the tip of Cape Cod

Window shopping on Commercial Street 

Before we left town, I took a walk on Commercial St. I enjoyed window shopping at the different boutiques and peeking inside the art galleries (P-Town is known for its artist community). Commercial is also an ideal street for people-watching.While I did see beautiful artwork I wanted to purchase, I only bought a small tea towel souvenir.

Commercial Street in Provincetown, MA

Commercial Street is the main street in P-Town with lots of restaurants, shops and art galleries

Chowing down on lobster rolls and fresh fish

Before I end, I can’t forget to tell you about all the wonderful food we ate in P-Town. From lobster rolls at every corner bistro to the freshest catch-of-the day fish — there are low and high-end restaurants aplenty in and around town.  All our meals were so good, so good, so good.

Dinners were especially excellent at Pepe’s Wharf  (including my Roasted Local Cod Provencal with puttanesca sauce, rice pilaf, zucchini, and crispy leeks was delish) and Victor’s (where we dined on a variety of delectable tapas).

Plus I loved Jim’s organic cold brew that was sold at Gail’s Force Bikes. Jim’s is a Massachusetts coffee company. Once introduced to Jim’s there wasn’t a morning that went by without a cup of cold brew to go.

Lobster Roll

The Lobster Roll at LOCAL 186 restaurant

That’s all the FUN for now. In an upcoming blog post I’ll be sharing details about our second New England stopover and my first-ever visit to Newport, Rhode Island. Meantime, stay cool.