Touring & Tasting In The Picturesque Streets of Montmartre

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Bonjour mes amis!  

It’s time for the grand finale of my 60th birthday trip to France. I was traveling with my BFF L in honor of our mutual milestone year. We began in Lyon and finished up in Paris. If you missed any of my Lyon posts be sure to check out the links below. 

Our stay in the City of Lights was only two days. We booked a cute one bedroom apartment near the 11th arrondissement. It had a balcony and a view of the Eiffel Tower (a teeny tiny view) from the kitchen window. Best of all, it had a working elevator. I say working because most of the time European elevators don’t exist or aren’t working.

Paris apartment

Our Paris apartment had a view of the Eiffel Tower.

A Food & History Tour In Montmartre
While L and I had been to Paris before, neither of us had explored the Montmartre district. I was particularly interested in this section of town because it is known for its artist community. Have you seen the National Geographic Genius series about Picasso? Pablo Picasso was a frequent visitor to the cabarets in this hilltop community and some of his paintings reflect its landmarks. 

Moulin Rouge; Tour in Montmartre

Moulin Rouge cabaret is still popular in Montmartre.

We reserved a Food & History Tour in Montmartre on AirBnb Experiences in advance of our arrival. Our guide Cathy was French-American and was excited to share her passion for this eclectic neighborhood.

Food & History Tour In Montmartre

Cathy was our tour guide. (Photo: Courtesy of AirBnb Experiences.)

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