LOVE, GILDA Documentary Honors A Great Comedienne

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When I think about the early days of Saturday Night Live (SNL), one great comedienne comes to mind and that’s Gilda Radner. Sadly, Gilda died from ovarian cancer at 42. Thankfully, her legacy lives on in the whimsical characters she created and the many contemporary comedians and comediennes she inspired.

Last week, I had an opportunity to preview the new LOVE, GILDA documentary about the life and career of Gilda Radner. My emotions were all over the board as I watched Gilda reflecting on her comedy through never-before-seen-or-heard footage and journal entries.

LOVE, GILDA documentary

Gilda Radner was a great comedienne.

LOVE, GILDA Will Make You Laugh
I laughed when her  SNL comic characters came on the screen. Characters like Roseanne Roseannadanna, Emily Litella and Lisa Loopner. I was only in my teens when she graced the SNL stage yet I remember these characters well. Each one was priceless and made me chuckle today as much as it did back then.

(Note: If you cannot see the trailer click here.)

In the documentary, Gilda reflects: “I always felt that my comedy was just to make things be alright,” she says. “I could be people that I really wasn’t.” Continue reading