San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS Breezy shoes; SAS Breezy Periwinkle shoes; boomer fashions; comfortable shoes; flat feet

life after 50, baby boomer women, boomer womenIt was around the time I reached my late 40s that I started having issues with shoes. Before then, I couldn’t wait for Lord & Taylor to have their fall sale. Each year, I would race to the store to pick out three pairs so I could get 30% off. Sometimes I would buy more than three. My closet racks were filled with shoes.

As I approached my early 50s, finding shoes to fit proved more difficult. I went from heels to ballet flats. In the winter I wore Uggs for casual wear and high black leather boots when I was going to the office.

When I retired from my full-time job I started doing lots of yoga without shoes or socks.

comfortable shoes; SAS shoes; San Antonio Shoemakers; post 50 feet; boomer women

I have flat feet from aging and going barefoot so much during my life after 50.

A Visit To The Podiatrist
“I used to be able to walk all over New York City, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park and now my feet hurt after a short distance,” I told the podiatrist during my appointment last winter. “You have flat feet,” said Dr. L. “Your arches can flatten out as you age, especially if you are going barefoot all the time. You need more supportive shoes.” He also recommended orthotics.

The Hunt For Comfortable Cold Weather Shoes
I bought Dr. Scholl’s orthotic inserts which worked well in my sneakers. But I couldn’t find comfortable shoes. That’s when I turned to SAS also know as San Antonio Shoemakers. I went to the shoe store in town where I used to take my kids when they were toddlers. Unlike many department stores, the saleswoman measured my feet and brought out several pairs of shoes. I felt like Goldilocks.

“This pair is too tight,” I said about the first shoes I tried on.
“This pair is too lose,” I said about the second.
“I have narrow heels. My foot is slipping out of this pair,” I said about the third.
“The arch is too high in this shoe,” I said about the fourth.

San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS shoes; SAS Freetime shoes; boomer fashions; flat feet; comfortable shoes

I wore my SAS Freetime shoes with jeans to the NY NOW Show in NYC this winter.

Finally after trying on about 15 different shoes, the saleswoman brought out a pair of SAS shoes — the Freetime style, with a removable, cushioned foot bed and a soft sole for shock absorption. I have to admit that they weren’t the most glamorous shoes I ever owned but my feet felt like they were walking on a cloud. I wore them all winter with jeans, leggings, even tights and a skirt and was able to walk all over NYC on multiple occasions. My feet were so happy and my boyfriend L said I looked cool in my Freetime black Nubuck shoes, like a fashionable hipster.

Not Just Your Nana’s and Papa’s Shoes
As the weather warmed up, I had a new dilemma. I couldn’t  wear my Freetime black Nubuck shoes during the summer months. Oh no, oh no, oh no – not another search for shoes!

Then I saw an ad on Facebook. It featured a new stylish collection of SAS shoes. Could it be possible that the same company that inspired an ardent customer-base of elderly nanas and papas was now targeting boomer women? I was so excited.

I quickly contacted the marketing team and told them I would love to learn more about their 40th anniversary line. The nice marketing manager offered to send a pair of their casual shoes to me in collaboration for a blog post.* (Did I say I love being a blogger? I do! I do!)

San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS Breezy shoes; SAS Breezy Periwinkle shoes; boomer fashions; comfortable shoes; flat feet

I wore my Breezy shoes to the shore.

I picked out the Breezy casual with genuine moccasin construction in trendy Periwinkle. I liked that these shoes had side perforations to vent heat, and a foam foot bed topped with striped microfiber for all-day comfort. I bought a size 8 so I could add my orthotics.

San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS Breezy shoes; flat feet; comfortable shoes

I wore my Breezy shoes to walk around the MET in NYC.

Before writing about my Breezy shoes, I wanted to test them out to see how my  Goldilocks feet felt at the end of each day.

I wore my Breezy shoes at the shore,
I wore my Breezy shoes in NYC and a whole lot more,
I folded up my Breezy shoes, they were light as a comb.
I packed them in my suitcase and took them to Rome.
I walked nine miles, eight miles, seven miles in my Breezy shoes, it was real pleasing,
I even let my sister N borrow my Breezy shoes for an evening,
She agreed they were comfortable and matched her outfit so pretty,
I took them back from her after Positano for another trip to the big city,
For sure I’m rating my Breezy shoes a grade of A,
And will definitely be buying another pair come next May!

San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS Breezy shoes; comfortable shoes; flat feet

I took my Breezy shoes to Rome.

San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS Breezy shoes; SAS Breezy Periwinkle shoes; comfortable shoes; flat feet

I let my sister N wear my Breezy shoes which matched with her outfit for an evening in Positano.

SAS Lifestyle Express
Needless to say, I’m a fan of SAS shoes. They also make lovely sandals that my BFF L wears in the summer.

Last month, I went to the SAS Lifestyle Express event at Carl’s Shoes in nearby Moorestown, New Jersey. According to the SAS website, Lifestyle Express is similar to a trunk show, but revolutionized into so much more. It brings a large selection of the newest SAS styles and colors in a wide variety of sizes for a 48-hour in-store party.

San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS shoes; SAS Lifestyle Express; comfortable shoes

The SAS Lifestyle Express brings thousands of shoes on the road to local retailers.

SAS salesperson Rodney Muhammad was very proud to represent the company. He shared with me how the SAS team of designers in San Antonio are creating stylish shoes with great value and comfort for contemporary women. I was pleased to learn that the company’s CEO Nancy Richardson is a post 50 woman.

Since all the shoes were $15 off I couldn’t resist buying another pair. I picked out the Bliss ultra no fuss slip-on in navy. They have an SAS Supersoft lightweight sole to keep my feet comfortable into the fall. I liked the black ones too, but felt the navy would go better with jeans. (Check out the SAS website to see if the Lifestyle Express is headed your way.)

San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS shoes; comfortable shoes

SAS Salesperson Rodney Muhammad shared details about SAS craftmanship and value.

Meantime, you’ll want to keep tabs on my Breezy and Bliss shoes. I’m taking them on another trip. Where in the world am I going?

San Antonio Shoemakers; SAS Bliss Navy shoes; SAS shoes; comfortable shoes

I bought a pair of Bliss shoes in navy at the Lifestyle Express.

Follow my feet on social media at Judi Boomer Girl on Facebook and judiboomergirl on Twitter and Instagram to find out. My boyfriend L is coming along. May just have to buy a pair of SAS shoes for him so he can keep up with me.


*Disclosure of Material Connection: San Antonio Shoemakers provided me with a complimentary pair of Breezy shoes. I purchased the other pairs of SAS shoes. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. My opinions on the products are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive sentiments toward San Antonio Shoemakers or their products.