The Better Day Book

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I was feeling a bit melancholy  this week after the end of summer. My nest at the Jersey shore had emptied out as my daughter A and my grand puppy O headed back to their home.

“O isn’t adapting too well to city living,” said A. “I think he misses you.” “I miss him too,” I replied. I didn’t realize how happy O made me feel each morning with his tail wagging when I entered the room. O made me smile. Dare I think of getting a puppy of my own? No, no, no, I told myself. You’ll have plenty of time to babysit for O and also your other grand puppy M. Put any thoughts about getting your own pup on hold for now and find other ways to make yourself happy during your life after 60.

The Better Day Book

“The Better Day Book” features 52 ways to have happier days

A book filled with ways to have happier days.

While sitting in my office today going through the stack of new books that publicists have sent for review, on the top of the pile was The Better Day Book by Olivia Gibbs. It includes 52 ways to have happier days. OMG just like that I have 52 new ways to make myself happy! I quickly opened the book and started to read the introduction.

Olivia says that “it took her many years to figure out what she wanted to be in life and what makes her soul sparkle.” As a child she loved to doodle and draw. But as an adult, she turned her back on this type of joy and creativity. When she grew up she studied business and worked in banking. She says she was “never really happy.”

After having her second child she began her self-discovery journey and started meditating. The stillness reconnected her with her creativity and passion. She became more grateful for everything she had. This journey led her to write and illustrate The Better Day Book.

The Better Day Book

Getting a massage makes my body happy

Making each day better.

Olivia says that this project was extremely fulfilling and joyous for her. Her biggest hope is that it helps others along on their own journey. Or at least lights a little spark.

Her book is filled with little ideas to cheer yourself up, like taking a walk, spending time in nature, or reading a book and bigger ideas to help you make bigger changes, such as practicing mindfulness, or as Olivia says: “Live in the Here and Now. Don’t worry about the FUTURE or dwell on the PAST. Be completely aware of the PRESENT.” Each happiness tip is whimsically illustrated to inspire. Plus there are pages for notes and journal writing and Tear and Share Happiness Cards at the end to give to a family member or friend.

The Better Day Book

Inspiring quotes are complimented with colorful illustrations to spread happiness

Enter the giveaway for The Better Day Book

Now that I’m feeling better after reading Olivia’s beautifully illustrated book on happiness, I’m ready to pass it on and as Olivia says “wish others happiness.” If you would like to enter the giveaway to win a copy of The Better Day Book, leave a comment below on what makes you happy and/or enter the rafflecopter giveaway below.

Have a happy September!


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