What A Model I Am!

Would you like to try one of our new raincoats and share your feedback with your readers?” said Denise Dickens, from Outside Designworks, a clothing company.  Since Denise was a fellow baby boomer, I was glad to oblige. And, since I thought her rainwear was very cute, I was happy to sample the new patch pocket hoodie with an adorable hood.  

According to Denise, “We baby boomers are not going down easily.  We need easy silhouettes, but they can’t be drab or dowdy.” (I agree.  I don’t want to look drab or dowdy, not even when it is raining.)  Denise created Outside Designworks with outwear cut to flatter a woman’s body with fabrics that are easy to care for and durable for travel.  

The raincoats are available in a variety of “oversized floral prints and quirky animal prints.  The fabric has a durable water repellent finish that allows water to bead up and roll off. This keeps the rain from being absorbed into the fabric.

You can find the rainwear and other clothing designed by Denise on the Outside Designworks website.  There are also fun rain hats and umbrellas available too.  The prices aren’t cheap, but they make nice gifts…for yourself or a favorite friend.