I was so excited to use my new Kindle that had been given to me as a gift for my 25 anniversary last year. I finally had time to unpack it and learn how to download books. I was so excited. But, when I revved the engine (or should I say revved the battery) my Kindle could not find it’s Whispernet. And when it finally did find it’s Whispernet, I wasn’t able to download any books.

I called the Amazon Help desk three times during the holiday and they still have not solved my problem. I am really sad about my sick Kindle. I was told to take it outside. I did that. I was told to charge it overnight. I did that. I was told to leave it alone…all alone and wait a few days. I did that. Still my Kindle sits with no ability to download any books.

I am not only sad. I am very angry at Amazon.com right now. One of their Help Desk associates told me I may have to purchase another Kindle. Why would I want to do that? My faith in Amazon is dwindling.

Will I ever be able to read a book on my Kindle? Ever, ever, ever? Stay tuned. I’ll be back to report.