Now that I’ve taken care of most of my household chores and fixes and made the transitional move from my summer closet to my fall closet, I’m ready to do some fall shopping to cover my fiftysomething body. As you may know if you have been reading my blog, I have been reading all the fall fashion magazines to find out ALL the hot trends and see what I need to purchase to be a ‘fiftysomething fall fashionista.’

Let’s see, I read the 584 pages of the September issue of Vogue. I read the huge volune of the September issue of InStyle. I read the New York Times 5th Anniversary Issue of “T” Fashions of the Times. I read the Saks Fifth Avenue ad about the ‘most mesmerizing trends’ that arrived in their stores. I read Loehmann’s promotional flyer that included the ‘it’ list of ‘must have trends for fall!’

Sooooooooo, now that I have read ALL about ALL the fashion trends for fall and cleaned out my closet of ALL my old fall clothes which I must now take to Goodwill or donate to Image & Attitude (so others less fortunate can have their pick of prior years’ trends), I’m ready to go shopping.

Hmm, hmm, hmm. What fall trends do I foresee will look good on my fiftysomething body?

Saks Fifth Avenue “Want It” List

Forever Bag (Do I want it? No I don’t. Perhaps my daughter will let me borrow her nice new Louis Vuitton Speedy sometime. Or maybe, I will buy an imitation Speedy on Canal Street the next time I am in NYC. While I don’t care for BIG handbags, I really should get a new handbag for the fall since my summer handbag colors may not look too good with my fall wardrobe colors.)

Mixed Metal Necklaces (Do I want it? Yes, I want it. I love jewelry. It always jazzes up an outfit. I don’t purchase a lot of gold or diamonds, but give me a good piece of costume jewelry or handcrafted jewelry and I get sooooooo excited. Will check these out at Saks if I ever go shopping there, which is not often.)

Lacquered Lip(Do I want it? No I don’t. I do like shiny lips, not lacquered ones. It sounds like a piece of furniture.)

Leggings (Do I want it? No I don’t. These are thigh high boots. As a rather petite person, I don’t think I will be wearing thigh high boots this fall. However, they would cover my entire leg, which means no one would see my spider veins. Think I will just wear dark tights and stockings.)

Strong Shoulders (Do I want it? Well, I already have it. So I guess the answer is no. Can you believe shoulder pads are in again? I’m so glad I never discarded my Ralph Lauren blue pinstriped suit with the huge shoulder pads from the ’80s. Being the fashionista that I am, I knew that shoulder pads and wide legs would come back in style someday and I would get to wear my favorite power suit again. As they say, 50 is the new 30. Hope the suit still fits.)

Loop (Do I want it? Yes, I do. From the picture, this looks like a long scarf that wraps around the neck. I’m also a BIG scarf person, so I like the Loop trend for fall.)

Rocker Boots (Do I want it? Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha. These are short booties with high heels. You wear them with a dress or skirt. My daughter tried on some Rocker Boots when we went shopping together a few weeks ago. They looked cute on her, but will they look cute on my fiftysomething feet? And do I think I will be able to walk around in such high heels. Not sure this trend will work for me.)

Sexy Shapewear (Do I want it? Yes, no, ooh, ahh. Will I reshape my body? Can I reshape my body this fall with Sexy Shapewear. Yes, no, ooh, ahh!)

Vest (Do I want it? I’m not sure I can wear this look again. Shame I didn’t save my vests from the consignment shop. I used to wear a lot of vests during the mid-to-late ’70s when I was trying to look like Annie Hall during my twentysomething college days.)

Cozy Knit ( Do I want it? Yes, I do. I do like the long sweaters that fit over my hips. Will have to check out these Cozy Knit sweaters for the fall. Cozy is good during crisp fall days and cold fall evenings.)

If I skip Saks and become a more frugal fashionista, I will likely head to Loehmann’s. Let’s see what trends they are predicting for fall:

Loehmann’s ‘It’ List – Must Have Trends For Fall!

Leather jackets (I have two leather jackets that I bought a long time ago. I guess they will suffice for another year since they are still on-trend. Ooh, ooh, but if I see a really great leather jacket, I may have to try it on…and if I really, really like it…I may have to add it to my ‘want it’ list.)

Plaid (I’m not a fan of plaid shirts. Nope, I don’t like plaid shirts, unless you pair them with overalls. Too juvenile for me. Plaid may be ‘on trend’ for fall, but out for me. I’m not even a big fan of plaid skirts.)

Jumpsuits (No jumping for me this fall. At fiftysomething, it takes too long to get in and out of a jumpsuit with an over-active bladder.)

Boyfriend denim & boyfriend jackets (My daughter A wants a boyfriend jacket. Should I get one too? Do I need a boyfriend jacket when I go on a date with my guy friend L? What is boyfriend denim? Oh, I just looked it up and it appears that boyfriend denim is a guy-styled jean and you wear it with a guy-style tee and a guy-style belt. Now I understand. I don’t think this trend is my style, but I understand it.)

Biker Boots (I don’t like these boots either. I’m not going to become a Harley Davidson biker chick this fall.)

Animal Prints (Now we’re getting somewhere. I like leopards. I saw a nice leopard belt at J Crew which I also saw much cheaper in a Loehmann’s ad. Leopard is a good accent with black outfits I also saw some nice leopard shoes at Lord & Taylor too. I thought leopard was ‘in’ last year. Will have to check my closet and see if I have any previous trendy leopard attire.)

Studded Belts & Bags (I have a bunch of metal studs from when my kids used to do arts and crafts. So glad I never throw anything out. You never know when you might need a plastic stud machine. Perhaps I should take the plastic stud machine out of my closet and stud up some of my fall clothes.)

Cardigan Sweaters (Very practical trend.)

Fur Vests (Here are those vests again…but fur ones?)

Destructed Denim (Wonder if that is different than boyfriend denim?)

Leggings (I wear leggings for yoga, but don’t think I’ll be wearing them to work.)

Over-the-knee Boots (Here are those thigh high boots again. Saks refers to them as ‘leggings.’ Maybe I will have to at least try on a pair of these boots when I do go shopping.)

Tissue Tees (These tees are so thin that you have to wear a few of them or they look like pyjamas.)

Instyle also had Clothes They Love. Some of the same trends that I’ve already mentioned were featured. Others included:

Dark Sparkle
Bright Coat
Day Dress
Romantic Shirt (Note to self – must get a nice white button down shirt for fall, no ruffles for me though, I do not look good in ruffles.)

Form-fitted a-line skirts are also trendy. Not sure where I read or saw this trend, but I want some form-fitted skirts for the fall.

As the Vogue editors said, “In fashion, some seasons are about intellectual black, icy elegance, and poker faces. This is a season for smiles.”