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While I’m not a grandmother yet, when the team at Bluestreak Books (an imprint of Weldon Owen) asked me to partner with them to talk about grandparenting and offer a special giveaway for their new Grandmother’s Journal and Grandfather’s Journal, (plus a webcam) I agreed. It’s a timely gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.*


Grandmother's Journal

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Memories of My Grandmothers

I’m fond of talking about my grandmothers. I was lucky to know the two through my teens. Both my grandfathers died before I was born. In fact, my mother never really knew her father. He passed away when she was a toddler.

We called my maternal grandmother Nana. I think I was one of her favorites because I was the youngest grandchild. She lived nearby our apartment in The Bronx, NY and spent summers with us in Long Beach, NY. I so enjoyed visiting her after school. She would make brownies and store the brownies in an empty Maxwell House coffee can. They were as hard as rocks. We would have tea time and dunk our crusty brownies in the tea. Sometimes my Nana would read my tea leaves at the bottom of the cup. My fortune was always a good one.

Nana Mary

My maternal Nana lived nearby.

Growing up, many Sunday afternoons were spent at my paternal Grandma’s home, also in The Bronx. She only spoke Yiddish. All the aunts chatted while the uncles played cards. I had many cousins so it was quite lively. Grandma would make homemade honey cake, knishes, and kugel. She was a good cook until her hearing and eyesight declined.

Thankfully, they both lived into their late 80s and early 90s, respectfully.

It’s Great To Be A Grandmother

Although I’m not a grandmother, I wanted to know more about grandparenting. So I asked some of my friends and blogging buddies. The answers were pretty consistent — it’s great to be a grandmother!

Grandmother's Journal

There are pages to share your wisdom.

S spoke about the differences between her four grandchildren: “The random mix of genes in their biology continues to amaze me. The youngest has my curly hair but his mom’s fair skin and freckles. His older brother has the serious demeanor and scientific curiosity of my late husband and has inherited his straight light brown hair.  Two of my grandchildren have my husband’s high forehead and one has a nubbin of hair growing at the nape of his neck, precisely where his father and his grandfather had theirs.  And yet they have gifts from others that did not come from me – my grandson’s musical ability, my granddaughter’s visual and artistic leanings. All mixed up and a new unique person emerges.”

Grandmother's Journal

There’s a place to capture your family tree.

She recalled a special memory: “One of the high points of my grandmotherhood was driving my two year old grandson to day care in Vermont when we were babysitting several years ago.  He had been driven that way many times by his parents. Usually they had him attached to a video but Gramma’s car did not have one. As we rounded a curve and the Adirondacks stretched ahead. I heard a voice from the back seat saying ‘wow’ in response to the beauty. It was a ‘wow’ moment for me too. Had he said ‘wow’ before or had he never really seen that, given the omnipresent videos in the back seat?  It reminded me of when his father, age 11 months, first saw the full moon in the night sky.”

S also mentioned the joys of being a step grandparent: “My partner has seven grandchildren, some of them geographically close to me.  These children allow me a pure form of grandmotherhood.  I have no expectations for them and they have none for me. I can give to them out of love and share experiences with me as an extra adult in their lives.  They have given me joys that surprised me – getting my nails done with the11 year old girl and shopping, opening them up to new experiences such as showing college campuses to the 14 year old.”

E commented on her own children, saying: “It’s rewarding to see my adult children become such loving parents. Their children, my grandchildren, are being raised with affection.”

Grandmother's Journal

You can share information about your grandparents.

L remarked how it’s better the second time around: “When I first was a parent, I was overwhelmed by the awesome responsibility and maybe I didn’t fully appreciate the little human being in my care who was growing and developing each day. It passed all too quickly. Looking back, I feel I may have missed out. But now as a grandparent it feels like a gift. The second time around…getting to love a little one, nurture and develop a relationship but this time free from the worries of balancing family, home and career,”

N spoke about the miracle of life and the beauty of generations: “My oldest child, a girl delivered her oldest child, also a girl on HER birthday! It was the most amazing feeling to hold this perfect little human 34 years after I held my own!! Karma…and now we have a perfect little boy as well. Being a grandmother (Nana) lets us know humanity. We never stop loving.”

Grandmother's Journal

Share a story about your child who is now a parent.

H mentioned the bonds that happen with grandparenting: “Being a grandmother is everything I was told it would be and more. The deep love is instantaneous! It grows stronger each time we are together. I am besotted with my granddaughter and my husband is over the moon.”

Grandparent Journals Make A Nice Keepsake

Now that you know how great it is to be a grandparent, when you become one, or if you already are one, or if you have a grandparent in your life, you’ll want to get or give a Grandmother’s Journal or Grandfather’s Journal. They make thoughtful gifts for grandparents for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The keepsake memory books are designed to capture and preserve grandparents’ unique memories, from the days of their own childhood through the precious moments they spend with their grandchild.

Grandmother's Journal

There’s plenty of room to store old photos.

The books are beautifully designed and offer plenty of space for grandparents to tell their own life story, keep a living record of their experiences, and share their hopes and dreams for their grandchild. Plus there’s a family tree and plenty of space for memorabilia and photographs. (Remember when we used to print photos?)

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Thanks to publisher Bluestreak Books, one lucky reader will not only receive a set of Journals but the giveaway also includes a webcam! Be sure to leave a comment about your grandparents or what you love about being a grandmother or grandfather (for any guys who read my blog). You can also enter via the Rafflecopter entry below.

To all those who are mothers, I wish you a “Happy Mother’s Day.”


*Disclosure of Material Connection: Bluestreak Books (an imprint of Weldon Owen) is partnering with me for a giveaway. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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