“What, you aren’t keeping the front loading washer and dryer?” said my daughter A as I told her about my soon-to-be moving day. (I hope, I hope if all goes well.)

“But, I won’t be able to bring home my delicate clothes to be washed anymore,” said A, “I used to save so much money.  Now, I’ll have to take my delicates to the cleaner.”

“I know, I liked those washers and dryers too,” said my son D.

“Don’t worry,” I replied to my kids, “Eventually, I will buy new front loaders and I bet they will be even better, with more advanced technology.”

I vividly remember the momentous day when I purchased my front loading Kenmore washer and dryer about five or six years ago.  I really wanted the gold washers, since I like earth tones.  Instead, I bought the grey ones, since the gold ones cost significantly more. I remember how my kids made fun of me when I fell in love with my washer and dryer. 

“I’ve never seen someone so excited about a washer and dryer,” said my son D at the time. They both laughed at me and my new prized possessions.  I even built a special laundry room for my dark grey twosome.  I bought the pedestals to put them on too…of course my new front loaders deserved to be put on pedestals.  They were THE most special appliances and I took great care of them.

Unfortunately, I did include the front loaders as part of the sale of my house.  So in approximately two months (I hope, I hope, if all goes well) I will be moving on, but my favorite front loaders will be staying put.  I hope the new owner will treat them with kindness — that she will make sure the washer is cleaned once a month with its special rinse cycle and the dryer is lint-free.  (However, I must admit that just this weekend I was angry at my dryer for the first time.  That’s because, my dryer shrunk my Spanx Super Tummy Control Unbelievable underwear.  By accident, I threw my Spanx in the dryer with my other clothes.  Now they are so small that I think they could fit a Barbie doll.  Note to self: Never, ever throw any future Spanx in the dryer!)

While I prep and pack and pack and prep for my big December move, I must shed the BIG LOADERS for a townhome with other perks that are more important.  I no longer will have to find landscapers or tree removal services.  I will no longer have to hunt down contractors to clean leaves from my gutters in the fall or clear my driveway of mountains of snow in the winter. 

Instead, I will gain more time, perhaps to blog more or begin to write my book about the extraordinary journey I have been on during my life after 50.  I will be moving during the week of the third anniversary of my husband’s passing.  It will be a bittersweet day.  All the memories of the past 13 years of my life on the ranch (aka ranch house) will soon be behind me.(I hope, I hope if all goes well.) There are so many wonderful memories to savor.

Wonder what new wonderful memories I will create in my new townhome?  Wonder what new friends I will make in my new community?  Can’t wait to decorate and buy furniture for my new office loft. And I think I’ll eventually make one of the bedrooms a yoga/meditation room.  Ah yes, that other bedroom would be perfect for an exercise room for my stationary bicycle.

“Hold on,” said my son D.  “What about my room?”

“Where am I going to sleep?” said my daughter A, as I told her that I was not taking her bedroom furniture.  That furniture is more than 20 years old and is ready to be donated to charity so a new little girl can enjoy it.

“Don’t worry,” I said to my kids, “There will be plenty of room for you both when you come home to visit. (I hope, I hope if all goes well.) You are both welcome to my empty nest anytime, just don’t bring your delicates.  My laundromat is now temporarily closed to visitors!