I definitely need to simplify my life. I need to de-clutter my life, like I read this morning in the March issue of O, The Oprah Magazine. The entire issue is devoted to de-cluttering.  I haven’t finished reading it, so I cannot give you any tips just yet.

I was reminded of why I need to simplify my life yesterday while traveling with a business colleague on the train to Connecticut. He sat there reading the current issue of The Economist on his Nook, quietly flipping the pages in silence with the touch of a finger. (My colleague O also showed me all the back issues of The Economist, which were neatly arranged on his tablet.)

I on the other hand, tried to read my paper copy of The New York Times, which I held tightly with all 10 fingers. (Mind you, the paper had been delivered to my door by the nice newspaper delivery man earlier in the morning in his gas guzzling car.) I carried the newspaper in my briefcase. I unfolded the newspaper section by section.  I got my hands full of newsprint. I had to fold the newspaper several times as I read each article, being careful not to hit my colleague O in the lap or arm. Then I threw away the paper, creating more waste. Oh yes, I ripped out an article to bring home to add to the rest of the newspaper articles that are piled high on my desk.

When I was done reading the newspaper, I wasn’t able to read my Vogue or InStyle magazines. I didn’t bring the March issues because I did not want to carry more than 1200 pages of paper. Instead, I took out my Kindle and read my book. (I have an original Kindle and I’m reading the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson. It is so, so good.)

“The new iPad 3 is being announced on March 7th,” texted my son D.

“The new iPad 3 is coming out next week.  Mom you know you need to get one,” texted my daughter A.

They are right. I do need to get a tablet. And I need one now.

I have to change my ways and lighten the load for myself and for the environment. I need to clear the clutter of newspapers and magazines that are taking over my bedroom, my dining room table, and kitchen counters. I need to empty the baskets that sit full of printed pieces in my office and family room.  I need to throw out the mounds of clippings that are sitting in bins in my garage.

My kids are on the mark– their mom — me, me, me — needs to simplify her life and get a tablet.

Why during my life after 50 am I planning my schedule around the newspaper man and the delivery of  The New York Times? I need a tablet.

Why during my life after 50 am I dirtying my hands with newsprint? I need a tablet.

Why during my life after 50 am I using a scissor to clip newspaper articles when I could be using Evernote.com?

Yes, yes, yes…I am saving my dollars, dimes and pennies and next week I am going to change my life for the better and buy an iPad 3 tablet.

Whew, that was a workout.  Glad I made that decision so fast.

Go Judi! Go Judi! Go Judi!