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life after 50, over 50, retirement, baby boomer women, baby boomersI’ve been laying low this past week, reflecting on 2013 and getting ready to set my intentions for 2014. As my yoga teacher N reminded me this morning in class, yogis don’t set resolutions. Resolutions are too mammoth and unattainable. Yogis set intentions which are more action-oriented.

Reflecting on 2013

No doubt, 2013 has been a year of great change. I retired from my full-time communications career of 30 years to pursue my blogging, writing and communications consulting. I’m loving my flexible schedule and continue to adjust and adapt my lifestyle. Pat on the back for that accomplishment. Pat, pat, pat.

My blog won a Webby Award Honoree in April. I was so humbled to be recognized with this award in the personal blog category. Pat on the back for that accomplishment. Pat, pat, pat.

I went to France with my children – daughter A and son D. Paris, Provence and Nice. I drove from Provence to Nice. I drove in France and lived to tell my story. Pat on the back for that accomplishment. Pat, pat, pat.

Sadly, I lost a very important person in my life – my mom passed away in March 2013. I miss her every day. Hugs, hugs, hugs needed. I am grateful that she lived to an old age. She was 91 when she died.

I read a great deal this week. Cleaning up and clearing out the piles of magazines on my nightstand. I enjoyed watching the year-end television shows from Barbara Walters and People magazine and reading 2013 recaps in the newspaper. The last issue of the New York Times Magazine called “The Lives They Lived,” is always a good read about memorable people who passed in 2013.

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As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Life is a great bundle of little things.” Here are some of my favorite little things from the seasons of 2013. My backyard after a winter snow fall. My flowers that bloomed in spring. Relaxing with my feet up watching the blue waters on the French Riviera. A beautiful tree changing colors in the Fall.

Getting Ready for 2014 

I’m not setting any big intentions for the new year. Not at this time. Just going to continue to take small steps that will help me to grow and learn during my life after 50. As the writer and poet Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Life is a great bundle of little things.” That’s exactly how I intend to live my life in 2014 – cherishing and being grateful for all the little things.

You, my readers, are part of that bundle. I cherish you and want to thank you for your support in 2013. I am thrilled with the community we have built together. Please know that your comments and feedback energize me. I hope I can continue to inspire, entertain and engage you in 2014.

I’ve made a few changes to my masthead and invite you to take a look. I’m excited about the new content for 2014:

* Travel & Leisure: I’ll be sharing fun places that I visit including recommendations for hotels, restaurants, shops and happenings. If you are traveling to any cities, states or countries and want to share some tips, guest posts are welcomed.

Speaking of traveling, a new study reveals that Americans both aspire to travel in their retirement and that travel can play a critical role in personal well-being, both physical and mental. (Only issue is people aren’t prepared financially to make their travel dreams come true.) If you have $ to spare and want to kick off the new year with a great trip, January is California Restaurant Month. California is one of my favorite states on the west coast – San Francisco, Santa Monica, Monterey, Carmel, San Diego. My late husband M and I used to vacation in California every summer. You can check out participating restaurants at

* Fun Books For Baby Boomer Women: I’ll be sharing some of my favorite reads.  If there is a book that you would like to suggest send along a mini review and I will be glad to credit and feature your suggestions.

* Fun Sites for Baby Boomer Women: There are so many wonderful blogs and websites for boomer girls. I’ve listed these sites on my sidebar, but now I’ve created a separate page for my blogroll and will highlight one new site each week. If you have a favorite site to share, I will be glad to add it to the list.

* Giveaways: I receive lots of swag – makeup, wrinkle creams, books, bags and more. I love to share my blogger swag with my readers. I’ve added a page where I will list the monthly giveaway as well as alerting you on my blog post.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, now it is time to wish you a happy and healthy new year!

What will you be doing on New Year’s Eve? I’ll be watching Justice Sonia Sotomayor as she pushes the button to drop the ball at Times Square in NYC. (Note: My boyfriend L and I will be watching this on television not attending live.) Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, wrote in the New York Times that “Justice Sotomayor was selected because of her inspirational story of rising from a humble background to become the first Hispanic justice on the court. She has encouraged others to dream big, a nice message for a new year.”

Tompkins added that “At it’s best, the new year is about pursuing dreams.”

I agree. What are your dreams for 2014?