Positano; Italy; Amalfi Coast; boomer travel

life after 50, boomer travel, over 50Can’t wait to share more stories about my family vacation to Italy. If you haven’t left for Rome and Florence after reading my earlier posts, you’ll definitely be booking your trip once you read, or rather view, what paradise awaits in Positano.

A week on the Amalfi Coast

On Monday, our group of six (my daughter A and her friend J, my son D and his girlfriend Jo, and my sister N and I) said goodbye to the Eternal City for a week in Positano on the Amalfi Coast. We walked with our luggage to Termini Station where we caught a train to Salerno. (Note: We bought our tickets in advance on Eurail.) The ride is about 2.5 hours.


Along the way to Positano we passed Mt. Vesuvius near Pompeii

All went well with our pre-arranged transportation pickup at Salerno. The path to Positano around winding cliffs and narrow two-way roads is not for the faint of heart. So pleased that we had a skilled roadster at the wheel. (Glad we decided not to rent a car. While we ended up walking most everywhere, buses and taxis were readily available to get around Positano and from town to town. Our legs got an incredible workout from climbing thousands of steps.)

Casa Orizzonte Villa with breathtaking views

“I’ll be waiting to greet you at Casa Orizzonte,” said the owner Gerardo.

Positano; Casa Orizzonte; Italy; Amalfi Coast

The view from Casa Orizzonte villa

About 70 minutes later we were there — pure heaven. We had booked our villa using Homeaway (actually we were directed to My Rental Homes for the booking) in early January. Lodging came to less than $650US per person for our entire stay. Gerardo welcomed us and carried our luggage down the steps to the entryway.

Positano; Italy; Amalfi Coast; Casa Orizzonte; boomer travel

There were 40 steps down to Casa Orizzonte villa

“The villa was handed down to me after hundreds of years in my family,” said Gerardo. High up on the hilltop, Casa Orizzonte is magnificent with three bedrooms, each with a door to the villa’s patio overlooking the Mediterranean. There were two full baths, a large living room, full-service kitchen, and absolutely ah-may-zing views. (Let’s just say I wanted to cry when I had to go home the following Sunday. I think we all would have stayed longer if we could. May have to spend a summer in Positano sometime. JudiBoomergirl can dream!)

Positano; Amalfi Coast; Italy; boomer travel; Casa Orizzonte

The Casa Orizzonte hallway was paved with ceramic tiles

Positano; Italy; Amalfi Coast; Casa Orizzonte

Casa Orizzonte flower pots on the terrace

We unpacked and took tons of pictures — like all good tourists do when they arrive in the Amalfi Coast. It was truly postcard perfect.

Positano; Italy; Amalfi Coast; boomer travel

A night out on the town in postcard perfect Positano

Spectacular seafood at Ristorante La Cambusa

“Are we there yet?” I asked A, J, and Jo (my son D stayed behind that evening) , who were racing down the steps in front of us. It was more than 1000 steep ones to Ristorante La Cambusa on the beach. With only a few handles to hold and slippery inclines, my sister N and I maneuvered very carefully.

Positano; Italy; Amalfi Coast; boomer travel

Our Positano girls selfie! (Note: My son D stayed home that evening)

Italy; Positano; Amalfi Coast; boomer travel

We walked down a 1000 steps to get to the restaurant on the beach

Knowing we would burn calories walking back up, we filled our plates with spectacular seafood, salad, pasta, and cheeses that night. There was octopus salad and Caprese with two kinds of fresh Mozzarella to start. Then main courses ranging from lobster tails and filleted catch of the day, to seafood medley of shrimp, octopus, clams, and mussels atop pasta. (I highly recommend making reservations in advance for Ristorante La Cambusa – the food is delicious, service is good, and the ambiance is very nice.) We all agreed it was the best seafood restaurant in Positano.

Ristorante La Cambusa in Positano; Positano; Amalfi Coast; Italy

Ristorante La Cambusa Octopus Salad appetizer

La Cambusa Restaurant in Positano; Italy; Positano; Amalfi Coast; boomer travel

Caprese salad with two kinds of Mozzarella cheese

La Cambusa; Positano; Italy; Amalfi Coast; boomer travel

Fresh fish on the daily menu

La Cambusa; Positano; Italy; Amalfi Coast; boomer travel; delicious seafood pasta

I had seafood with pasta for dinner

La Cambusa lobster tails dinner

Lobster tails with pasta was another entree

Before our trek home, we stopped at the gelateria nearby for a heaping helping of our daily gelato.

Beating hearts every step of the way

Our hearts were pumping as we climbed back up the 1000 steps. We lost sight of A, J, and Jo for a few moments. “We’re twice your age,” N called to our younger comrades. “Slow down.”

Positano; Italy; Amalfi Coast; boomer travel; Positano steps

We walked up the steep steps with few railings

When we arrived at the top of the hill we walked by the side of the road, staying clear of mopeds, cars, and buses speeding around curves. We were determined to return to Casa Orizzonte without any scratches.

More adventures in food, fashion, shopping, and relaxing in the paradise of Positano will be coming soon.



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