Baby boomer blogger JudiBoomergirlI’m delighted to share my interview about the “5 Things I Learned In My 50s” which is featured on this week’s episode of “Me Time,” the podcast for women in midlife. “Me Time” is hosted by Health & Self-Care Coach for midlife women Kim Acedo, MS, CHWC, of Transformation Wellness For Women.

Kim and I met several years ago at a BlogHer conference and have remained friends via the Midlife Women’s Facebook Group, where we are both members. After reading my blog posts about my life after 50 transformation  and my reflections on turning 60, Kim asked if I would be open to sharing some key things I learned during the past decade.

A podcast for women in midlife

As Kim says, “Me Time,”  is a podcast for women in midlife who have been taking care of everyone else and now say, “It’s my turn to take care of me!” On the podcast, she interviews experts and explores topics such as health and aging, grandchildren, retirement, empty nest, adult children, friendships, wardrobe, decluttering, travel, self-discovery, and more!

"Me Time" Midlife Podcast with Kim Acedo

Life coach Kim Acedo hosts the “Me Time” Midlife Podcast

The “Me Time” Midlife Community

In addition to hosting the podcast, Kim runs the “Me Time” Midlife Community, where midlife women can gather in a virtual community to share and discuss topics and issues related to this life stage. There are weekly activities such as “Me Time Mondays,” where members share their personal self-care suggestions and “Workout Wednesday,” where Kim provides exercise tips. Kim also offers monthly live virtual group discussions and in-person retreats and events throughout the year. Note there is a cost to join the community and fee for certain activities.

5 things I learned in my 50s graphic

5 things I learned in my 50s

Wow – o – wow, I told Kim it was challenging to narrow down all I learned in the past 10 years to five things. Kim was very good at asking the right questions to help me focus on specific categories, as she should be since she is a life coach. In the podcast, the five areas you’ll hear me talk about include:

  1. The importance of health and wellness during my post 50 years.
  2. The role that passion and curiosity play in finding happiness.
  3. Strategies around financial planning and saving for retirement.
  4. What companionship means at this stage of life, from making new friends to meeting a new soulmate.
  5. Why finding your joy and how doing things that bring you joy can lead to greater fulfillment.

Are you ready to listen? Click on “Me Time” podcast episode 46 – 5 Things I Learned In My 50s. You can also listen and subscribe to all of Kim’s podcasts on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts or Google Play.

LMK what you think of the podcast. Leave a comment and share what you learned in your 50s.


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