After 18 years of waiting…18 long years…my son graduated today. I remember several years ago…yes…several years ago I used to think about this day…and I remember thinking to myself that when my son graduated from high school he would be 18 and I would be 50.

Ten years ago that day seemed so far off…turning 50…and now…and now…today it is here and he graduated…how did this happen so fast…like a blink of the eye and he is no longer eight…and I am no longer 40.

I promised both my kids that I would not cry at the graduation…”I will try my hardest not to cry,” I said to both my daughter and especially my son. Did I pass the promise?

It was tough. I did shed a few tears. I really tried not to cry…but it was during the fourth valedictorian speech (there were five valedictorians at the graduation…four boys and one girl…maybe if there had only been one valedictorian like at a normal graduation I would have been able to keep my promise). It was during the fourth speech that my eyes began to swell…right when the speaker started to talk about his memories of his grandfather who had passed away…uh oh…I thought…”now I’m done for,” as the droplets started to form around both eyes…there came the tears…yep…I was crying.

But then I was smiling again…as my son…my youngest child was called up to get his diploma…with his red cap and gown…and his handsome face all shaven…he stood tall on the stage (while tiny in my camera)…and I was so proud…proud of the parenting that his father and I had accomplished over the past 18 years…proud of the person he had become thanks to our parenting…and proud of myself for only crying an itty bitty bit.

Soon my youngest child will be going off to college…ready to conquer the world…and I will have to let go…I remember the days I had such trouble potty training him…yes, it was when he was three years old. I was so worried. I remember vividly when the pediatrician told me not to worry. “Don’t worry,” he said, “none of my patients ever went to college without being potty trained.” I remember thinking how far away college seemed at the time…at the time when he was only three…but the doctor was right…he was so right.

So to all my younger friends who have little boys that they cannot potty train…remember what my doctor said…and don’t worry…but keep trying…because one day when you blink your eyes…your little boy will no longer be three years old anymore…one day he too will be going to college…and all of your potty training worries will be light years away.


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