Fun Books for Boomer Girls

I’m excited to share some favorite books that I’ve enjoyed over the past year and new books that are on my ‘to do’ reading list. If you’ve read a book that you think boomer girls will enjoy (or perhaps written a book), please let me know a little bit about the book and I’ll add it to the list with your credit. Happy reading!

I’m reading these books now:

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green (Novel)

The Fault In Our Stars, boomer books, life after 50, over 50

This is is a young adult novel that my daughter A told my boyfriend L to read. They both said it was sad, but a good read. It is a love story about two teens who meet in a Cancer Support Group. While it is sad, I am enjoying the lead characters Hazel and Augustus. Can’t wait to see the movie version which is coming out this spring. I haven’t finished it yet, but there will be tears shed before long, that I am sure. 


Prague Winter by Madeleine Albright (Memoir)

Prague Winter by Madeleine Albright, life after 50, over 50

This is the story of Madeleine’s parents and her life as a child during World War II. It is a moving tribute to her parents and to her life growing up during trying times in Europe. She provides a history lesson as well as a memoir and is a very good professor. I find as I age that I have more interest in learning about history, definitely was not one of my favorite subjects during high school or college.


Madeleine Albright, life after 50, over 50, boomer women

Madeleine Albright was a keynote speaker at the 2013 Pennsylvania Conference for Women.


Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen (Novel)

Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen, books for boomer women, baby boomer women, midlife women, life after 50, over 50


Just downloaded my favorite author’s new novel. Sounds like a wonderful love story especially for midlife women. Can’t wait to read it! Will report back when I am done.



Books I can’t wait to read…

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson (A Mostly True Memoir)

Jenny Lawson, books for boomer women, life after 50, over 50Written by Jenny Lawson, a noteworthy blogger of the popular blog, The Bloggess, this book is ‘a mostly true memoir’ according to the title. Jenny’s humorous stories about her family and all of life’s little moments made the New York Times bestseller list when it was published in 2012. I bought a hard copy and she signed it for me when I met Jenny at the BlogWorld conference in NYC. She will be a keynote speaker at this year’s 10th BlogHer conference in San Jose, CA. Go Jenny, you are my blogger idol!


I met Jenny Lawson a few years ago at at the NMX conference in NYC. She had just published her book and it was on the bestseller list.

Books I’ve already read…

Bond Girl by Erin Duffy (Chick-lit)

Bond Girl by Erin Duffy, books for boomer women, baby boomer women, life after 50, over 50I admit to being a fan of chick-lit. I’ve read Confessions of a Shopaholic (Shopaholic, No 1) by Sophie Kinsella and The Devil Wears Prada: A Novel and Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns by Lauren Weisberger and other chick-lit books including In Her Shoes: A Novel and other chick-lit by Jennifer Weiner. So when I read about Erin’s novel about a young woman who aims to make it on Wall Street, I thought it would be a fun read. I just finished it in record time and it met my expectations – very cute.


Wild by Cheryl Strayed (Memoir)

books for boomer women, life after 50, over 50I met Cheryl Strayed at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women a few years ago. It was interesting to hear her story about how she journeyed through the Pacific Crest Trail to find herself after her mother died. It’s a great memoir of loss, love and facing and overcoming challenges. The strength that Cheryl exemplified is to be applauded. I don’t know how she survived such a grueling adventure and lived to tell the tale.


Cheryl Strayed, life after 50, over 50, boomer women, baby boomer women

Cheryl Strayed signed copies of her book at the 2012 Pennsylvania Conference for Women.

Paris A Love Story by Kati Marton (Memoir)

books for boomer women, life after 50, over 50I attended a luncheon with Kati Marton at our local Jewish Community Center. Her memoir about how she begins her life anew after the death of her husband, Richard Holbrooke, is an uplifting story. She loves Paris and if you don’t already love Paris, you will love it too after you read Kati’s descriptions of the city. She is an award-winning former NPR and ABC News correspondent.



Kati Marton, life after 50, over 50, baby boomer women

Kati Marton spoke at the Jewish Community Center in Cherry Hill, NJ, in 2012.

Prime Time by Jane Fonda (Self-Help)

Prime Time by Jane Fonda, life after 50, over 50, books for boomer women

In her 70s, Jane Fonda continues to amaze me. Yes, I know she has had some work done to her face and likely her body, but she looks and sounds incredible. I wish all the Jane Fonda workout videos worked as well on my body. Wish my hair looked as good as her hair too. This book is about ‘making the most of all of your life – love, health, sex, fitness, friendship and spirit’ during your second act. Jane wrote this self-help book a few years ago, but it offers some evergreen advice for those from 45-50, and especially 60 and beyond. She says that these years can be times when we truly become the vital, loving, fulfilled people we were meant to be. Go Jane!

Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolengeni and Sami Tanimi (Cookbook)

Jerusalem A Cookbook, life after 50, over 50
The beautiful photos and appetizing recipes in this best-selling cookbook will make you want to head to the kitchen. I’ve already tried the eggplant and lamb entree and prepared the homemade hummus several times as an appetizer. Some of the seasonings are hard to find in a regular supermarket, but you can always improvise. Wish I could visit the authors’ restaurant in London. Maybe they will eventually open a restaurant in New York City.


Jerusalem cookbook, life after 50,

An eggplant and lamb dish I prepared from the Jerusalem cookbook. It was so delicious!

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