More Miraval Memories

As I sit and stare out my window and look at all the snow piling up on my driveway, I am trying to savor my memories of Miraval…my wonderful spa trip to Miraval…oh, how I loved Tucson. Please put me…

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The Magic of Miraval

Yes, I’m back. Yes, I returned from my magical trip to Miraval. It was an AMAZING place. And as I sat here today working from home, wearing my Miraval tee shirt, (I treated myself to a long sleeve white tee…


Getting Ready for My Spiritual Journey

I’m getting ready for what is soon to be my very first ‘alone’ trip…yes, I’m going all by myself…yes, yes, yes, in just a few days I will be going on what promises to be a very spiritual journey…I’m going…


Toasting the Year

I’m not a vodka drinker…but I have to say that the Grey Goose vodka ad touched me in a special way yesterday. I often flip through the advertisements as I read my New York Times each morning. And of all…


Hanging Up My Armani

I took the week off. I did it. I actually stayed at home all week. Okay, I did do some work at home, but staying home all week was a major accomplishment for me. Time away, that’s what I needed…


More Trees In My Life

Besides my ‘Family’ tree, I have many other trees in my life. The landscaper paid a visit the other day to talk to me about my trees. He stopped by to also discuss my bamboo situation in my beautiful backyard…to…