A Flip Flop Week

I missed my blogging earlier this week. I was too busy flipping and flopping all week. Some days I was real down and some days I was real up. Some days I was really tired (too tired to write) and…


Sleepless in the City

I just arrived back from my weekend visit in NYC with my daughter A. What a lovely visit it was. What memories it brought back from my own wild and crazy single days in the city. (Let’s see that was…


Let’s Get Physical

I went to the cardiologist this week for my six month check up. My cholesterol is pretty good (under 200), my triglycerides are low, my LDL is a tad high, and so is my HDL. “Stay on the Zetia,” said…


More Miraval Memories

As I sit and stare out my window and look at all the snow piling up on my driveway, I am trying to savor my memories of Miraval…my wonderful spa trip to Miraval…oh, how I loved Tucson. Please put me…

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The Magic of Miraval

Yes, I’m back. Yes, I returned from my magical trip to Miraval. It was an AMAZING place. And as I sat here today working from home, wearing my Miraval tee shirt, (I treated myself to a long sleeve white tee…