2011 Intention: Get More Sleep

It’s almost the middle of January and I’m not doing too well with the top intention I set for myself for 2011.  As my yoga teacher N said last week, we should set intentions, not resolutions.When we set an intention,…


Conquering My Fears

I didn’t have time to blog earlier in the week because I was busy doing battle with the healthcare systems in this country.  Yes, I was lifting my muscles and stretching my legs for a sprint that I made with Medicare. “Your…



Since it is almost the end of the calendar year, I thought I’d go back and take a look at what my astrologer had predicted for me this year.  I had a wonderful astrology reading by Carolyn Crawford when I…

Reinventing Retirement, Wellness

Keeping Up With Myself

Have you been on Facebook?  What you have hardly any friends on Facebook?  (However, I did see “The Social Network” movie this past weekend and it inspired me to think about ramping up my Facebook pages…but I haven’t yet.  And…


Is the Summer of 2010 Really Over?

The leaves are falling.  The squirrels are climbing all over my trees and eating the acorns and the leaves are falling all over my lawn. Is the Summer of 2010 really over?  They say that the older you get, the…