Life’s A Great Balancing Act

I wanted to take his fears away.  I wanted to tell my son D that everything was going to be okay.  He was anxious about going back to school for his last semester of college. “What will life be like…


Stepping Slowly Into The New Year

It’s 2012. Have you made any resolutions yet? According to my yoga teacher N, yogis do not set resolutions because resolutions take you too far into the future. Yogis set intentions, which are more about the present, about the here and now….


Are You Ready To Relinquish?

I’ve been thinking about the word relinquish ever since I went to yoga class last Friday.  It was so special to go to yoga on a weekday morning.  A real treat because I had the day off from work. My…

Beauty, Wellness

Beauty Buzz From A Boomer Girl

I’ve been lucky to be treated to some new beauty products from a few sponsors I met at the BlogHer ’11 conference.  I thought I would introduce you to some of the brands that I like and thought other boomer girls…


Learning About Slow Love

I went to the BlogHer Writers ’11 Conference last week.  The conference was sponsored by Penguin Publishing.  I went to the conference to learn about how to publish a book. You see dear readers, when I find a spare moment…