Disrupt Aging: Expert Tips To Stay Wealthy, Wise and Connected

If you knew you were going to live to 100, what would you do differently today? In my last blog post, I introduced this question and provided some reflections from the 2018 AARP Disrupt Aging: The Implications of Living 100 Forum. … Continue reading

9 Things People Who Retire Early Do

This week, I’m pleased to highlight a blog post that originally appeared in WiseBread, all about living large on a small budget. The piece was written by  Mikey Rox, an award-winning writer/journalist from New York City. Mikey writes about the “9 Things People … Continue reading

Setting Goals For My Life After 50

Now that I’ve been retired from my full-time job for about a year, I’m settling into a new lifestyle — sleeping later, exercising more, cooking and eating healthier, seeing my friends and meeting new friends, traveling to new places and … Continue reading

Planning For Retirement – Finishing Up The 40 Day Pledge

In July, I told you I was signing up for “The 40 Day Pledge,” an interactive online program that is part of AARP’s Decide.Create.Share. national initiative to help boomer girls plan for the second half of their life. (See “Taking … Continue reading