Brighter Days Are Here To Stay

I just zoomed my way to brighter days. Yes, today, I had my teeth whitened with “a revolutionary whitening procedure.” My 51 year old teeth now look a whole lot brighter. Which is a good thing, especially since my one…


Skin Tight

Must say that my face was looking pretty good this past weekend. The skin tight facial mask that my esthetician D put on my face during my monthly facial last Friday afternoon really did the trick. I could not move…


Off and Riding

I cannot believe that this week is almost gone. Time does fly when I’m having fun (and when I am busy working, working, working too and blogging too, and talking to my great friends too, busy, busy, busy). I did…


Our Twosome

As I sat alone at the dinner table last night, I thought about what it would be like if my late husband were still here to sit opposite me. We would have been a true twosome in an empty nest….

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The Magic of Miraval

Yes, I’m back. Yes, I returned from my magical trip to Miraval. It was an AMAZING place. And as I sat here today working from home, wearing my Miraval tee shirt, (I treated myself to a long sleeve white tee…