I was an unhappy camper last week. Everything was going wrong after I returned from Florida.

First, there was so much snow on my roof and snow and ice on my gutters, that I thought my gutters were going to collapse. I went outside, stood up tall and tried to use a shovel to knock the ice and snow down off the gutters. Being only 5’3″ tall wasn’t helping me reach too much of the snow and ice on my roof and gutters.

Secondly, due to the overload of snow that fell in NJ this winter, the foundation walls in my basement had developed water marks. (the same walls that I spent thousands of dollars to reinforce just a few months ago). “This cannot be,” I said to myself as I touched the water mark, hoping it was just an illusion until my fingers felt wet. (According to the Office of NJ website, more than 66 inches of snow fell on my NJ town from December 2009 through February 2010. Wow, oh, wow, that’s a lot of snow.)

Thirdly, due to the overload of snow that fell in NJ, several tree branches fell down on my property- very large tree branches that my fiftysomething body was barely able to pick up. I always loved the game of Pick-Up-Sticks when I was a child, and now I felt like I was playing the game again, only with huge branches and tree limbs.

Then I was very sad that my flowering plant died. I tried to keep it healthy, but I was so busy taking care of the snow. I guess I’ll buy another flowering plant when the spring time comes.

Last week, was definitely a week when I wanted to hold my Amethyst Crystal that I received as a gift during my trip to the Miraval Spa. According to the card that came with the crystal, it said that amethyst crystal can help me “overcome anger, hate,and fear; heighten emotional strength, boost energy, help insomina, bring meaningful dreams, enhance creatvity, knowledge and wisdom and bring contentment.” I was definitely in need of help in most of these areas. (I think I need to purchase an amethyst ring for myself sometime soon. I need to have this crystal on my body at all times.)

But, as the snow melted and the sun began to shine at the end of the week, I wondered why I still was not a happy camper. Something is still so wrong I said to myself as I looked in the mirror. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, why is Judi still not happy at all?”

And as I looked closely, I saw exactly what was wrong. Yes, I was unhappy about the snow. Yes, my roof and icy gutters were getting to me. And my fingers were wet from the wet spots on my foundation. But, worst of all, the gray roots on the top of my head were beginning to show through. And when I looked on the calendar, I realized that it had been exactly six weeks since I had my hair dyed.

Ah, no wonder I am an unhappy camper, or should I said an unhappy camp hair.

I quickly called my friend R to tell her that I found the true reason for my unhappiness. It was my gray roots showing through on my head. Next, I quickly called my haircolorist to make an appointment pronto. (Unfortunately, my haircolorist was booked until next Thursday, so I will have to be unhappy a little while longer.)

R sent a fabulous text message with words that I have posted on my bulletin board so that I will remember them the next time I am unhappy and cannot figure out the true cause. Here’s what the text said:

“It just proves the point that the key to uncovering the origin of our issue is to examine our ROOTS!”

R is one of the smartest fashionistas I know and one of my favorite friends.


P.S. – Be sure to read my latest review on the new skincare line I’m trying called Striking. It is definitely making my skin happy, even if my hair is looking sad. You can find me at my new review blog called A Boomer Girl’s Raves, Rants, and Review.