Yesterday, I had a totally organic day, thanks to my fabulous totally organic facial. My esthetician D, took special care of me on Saturday morning because I was having one of my menopausal headaches (which I’ve been experiencing a lot lately.)

“I smell honey,” I said to D. “What is that you are putting on my face?”

“It is totally organic blueberry honey. Honey puts moisture into the skin,” D replied. “When you age you lose moisture.” (It’s a good thing there weren’t any bees buzzing around my face. My face was soooo sweet. I always knew that blueberries provided lots of antioxidants when I ate them, but didn’t know they could help enhance my face.)

“What’s next?” I asked D, as she slathered another concoction on my sweet face.

“This is a plum anti-aging masque,” said D. “It is totally organic.”

I felt so healthy. I like to eat plums during the summertime. I especially like prune plums. But, I never knew that plums could contribute to anti-aging. (All I needed was some peaches and bananas and I could have had a fruit salad on my face.)

D also massaged my neck and back to try to lull my headache. I told her all about my menopausal woes that are starting to invade my 50+ year old body – the mood swings, hot flashes, insominia, and headaches. D is so thoughtful and always has recommendations to help me heal. Today’s recommendations were totally organic.

“Try Rescue Remedy,” said D. “Just a few droplets in your water and it will help you de-stress. It’s totally organic.” She also suggested I try acupuncture and gave me the name of a licensed acupuncturist. (Ooh, acupuncture…I don’t know about putting needles in my head or back. Dare I try this? Will it clear up my menopausal mess? Yes, no, yes, no. I think I am going to research this suggestion a little further.)

As for the Rescue Remedy, I left my facial and went straight to Whole Foods to search for the totally organic droplets. I couldn’t believe how many totally organic menopausal solutions were on the shelf. Since my headache was pounding at full strength, I was ready to buy one of each kind…but I stopped myself and decided to see if the Rescue Remedy would rescue me, before pursuing other options.

I passed the flower section as I headed to the checkout and picked up some huge sunflowers. “They will perk up my day,” I thought to myself. So I bought two bundles.

I came home and put a few droplets of my Rescue Remedy in my water. Then I had some totally organic Yogi tea that I had bought at the store the day before. According to the Yogi tea box, the tea is supposed to calm tension and anxiety. It includes lavender on the ingredient list, so I decided to try it.*

I finished reading my relaxing book, “Yiddish Yoga – Ruthie’s Adventures in Love, Loss, and the Lotus Position.” It’s all about a recently widowed New York City Jewish grandmother whose granddaughter gives her a year of yoga class. What a wonderful little book. (It was only 110 pages, so I was able to read the entire book, including the Yiddish and Yoga glossary of terms, in less than an hour, as I sipped my Yogi tea. One less book for my retirement reading list.)

Ah, Ommmmmmmmm, Ah, Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I also decided that I need to read more about what’s in store for me during menopause. Where is that other big book I bought? Ah, yes, “The Wisdom of Menopause,” by Christiane Northrup, M.D. Oh, no. Oh, no. This book is going to be my bible for the next several years and I found it on my retirement reading bookshelf. Not a good spot, I need to read it now. Now, now, now. I need all the wisdom I can get right now, whether it is totally organic or not. Show me the wisdom Christine. Now, now, now.


Disclaimer: While I may try these herbal remedies, I do not endorse any of them or their proclaimed cures for menopause or any menopausal symptoms. Try at your own risk.