I read about staycations where you take a vacation and you stay home. It sounded like a fun idea. So, this week I decided to take a staycation. The only thing is, while I am supposed to be relaxing, I seem to have packed my staycation with more things to do than I would if I had vacated my house and taken a vacation.

Every time I add to my staycation ‘to do’ list, I keep telling myself – “STOP DOING AND START BEING,” “RELAX,” “CHANT OMMMMMs,” “RELAX,” “STOP DOING,” “START BEING.”

“Stay, stay, stay,” I said to myself this morning as I lifted my head off the pillow at 7:30 am. I did feel like I was talking to myself the way my friend talks to her dog. Only my friend’s dog listens and stays when he is told. Not me, staying in bed and relaxing is not one of my strengths.

Yesterday, I awoke early and headed to my condo on the corner, for the first appointments on my staycation ‘to do’ list. The cable man fixed my television and internet. The heater man arrived to service my heater. I called the alarm installer to discuss installing an alarm system. I called the landscaper to discuss potential landscaping work. (Check, check, check, check – that’s four checks off my staycation ‘to do’ list and it’s only Monday. I’m doing really well.)

“STOP DOING AND START BEING,” I yelled out loud. After all the workmen were finished with their work, I relaxed for a few hours on the couch, sipped some of my Dunkin Donuts Decaf Vanilla Lite Latte, and watched the morning talk shows that I never get to watch when I’m working. There was Regis and Kelly, and the girls from The View. (Okay, okay, I half relaxed. I also was multi-tasking and sending emails to some of my friends who I haven’t talked to in a long, long time. Check, check, check – another three checks off my staycation ‘to do’ list. Oh, I’m so good.)

“STOP DOING AND START BEING,” I shouted this morning. I went to the gym and lifted my weights. Then I went to a lunchtime yoga class. (Check, check – getting back to the gym and going to yoga are both on my staycation ‘to do’ list.)

Next, it was off to the cleaners and tailor to have my skirts hemmed. (Check, check.) And then I headed to my appointment with my financial advisor for my annual financial check-up.

“You’re in good shape. Nothing to worry about Judi,” he said, “Your accounts are all doing better this year.” (OMG, thank you, thank you. Check plus.)

What else is on my staycation ‘to do’ list? Hmm,hmm, hmm, hmm!

– Clean out my closets and bring the old clothes and shoes and accessories to GoodWill.
– Wash my king-size comforter that is on my king-size bed.
– Shred my old documents that are mounting up in my filing cabinet.
– Clean out all the emails that are overflowing in my inbox.
– Paint the blue trim on the bottom of my front door that is chipping. (First go to Home Depot and buy a paint brush. Actually buy two paint brushes because I also need to paint the white trim on the back door that is chipping.)
– Read all the magazines that are piling up on my counter. (I just finished reading the October issues of Vogue, More, and In Style magazines and now the November issues are here already. Wish these months would start slowing down instead of racing away. I think time definitely races faster since I turned 50.)

I arrived ahead of schedule for my massage this evening.

“You’re early,” said my massage therapist as she answered the door.

“I’m on staycation,” I said.

“That’s right,” she said, “Your staycation is this week.”

“Your muscles are so tight,” said my massage therapist as she began to massage my neck and shoulders. “I don’t know about that staycation, you seem very stressed. Perhaps you should go back to work.”

She was right, I am more stressed staying home. Tomorrow, I’m going to really, really start relaxing for the rest of my staycation. No more ‘to do’ list for me. I’m putting my staycation ‘to do’ list away.(Check minus, minus, minus.)

It’s staycation…time to stay, stay, stay Judi…stay, stay, stay put.

Plan for Wednesday’s Staycation:
– Stay in bed all morning and watch all the morning talk shows. Maybe even have breakfast in bed. Ooh, la, la.
– Have lunch with my girlfriend C.
– Have afternoon coffee with my other girlfriend C.
– Have dinner with my boyfriend L.
– Watch the Yankees win the World Series. (Yankees win the World Series is on my staycation ‘to do’ list. I hope they heard me, because I want this check to be in the affirmative.)

Plan for Thursday’s Staycation:
– Stay in bed all morning and watch the morning talk shows. Maybe even have breakfast in bed again. Ooh, la, la, x two. (Can I do this? Will I have ooh, la, la twice in one week? Stay, stay, stay.)
– Get a manicure (maybe a mani and a pedi too, after all, I’m on staycation.)
– Stay put on couch all afternoon. Catch up with tv girlfriends. “Hi Ellen, hi Oprah, can’t wait to see ya.”

Glad I planned a little two day vacation in NYC for the end of the week. I really need to get away.