I had a super duper Vitamin C extra special facial yesterday…and my face is glowing…yes…it is glowing. My enestician, Donna, used a line of treatments called Skinceuticals…they are supposed to improve the health and overall appearance of my skin…since this is the first time I had these wonderful products on my face…I’m looking forward to seeing their impact.

I was intriqued and pleased to hear that these miracle treatments are science-based and include vitamin C technology that protects the skin from signs of premature aging caused by environmental damage (I always knew the environment was hurting my skin…but I never realized how expensive it is to fix this problem…forget about global warming…I thought…what am I going to do about the skin on my face now that I am headed into the second half of my life…sounds like Skinceuticals to the rescue…Skinceuticals to the rescue.)

So I checked out the Skinceutical website…it is a nice website with lots of good information…their products are quite expensive for itty bitty amounts…so I may have to keep my vitamin C dosages on my face to once a month…when Donna does my facials…in between I think I’ll keep taking my vitamin C pill each morning…don’t know if it helps my skin…but I know it helps prevent colds…at least I feel like it does…so I’ll continue to take one tablet each morning…it may not be as good as the topical vitamin C…but it will have to do for now.