The first day of spring was about two weeks ago, but you would never know it by this awful rainy and cold weather we’ve been having on the east coast.  I wish, oh how I wish, it would finally warm up.

Last week at yoga class, my teacher P said that spring is a time of rebirth.   It is a time of letting go and stepping out.  As I did my asanas, P reminded us that it is easier to release all our tension and tightness and let go than to hold back.

And so I did.  Following yoga, I let go some more, I released all my tension, I stepped out and I went shopping for some spring clothes.  P was right.  It was easier to give in to my shopping spree than hold back, especially when the sales woman at Nordstrom told me that if I spent just $10 more I would get a $20 reward coupon for a future purchase.

Then I stepped out again and I went shopping for some spring shoes.  (However, I was a good fashionista and before I stepped out to buy spring shoes, I stepped up and made a donation to the Save the Children organization to help those in need in Japan following the terrible tsunami.  I also stepped up in honor of my new spring clothes and made another donation to my local Food Bank to help those who are hungry in the U.S.)

I read all my fashion mags before I stepped out to ensure I was keeping up with the new spring styles.  Like every seasonal shopping trip, there are some styles that look good on my fifty-something figure and some that scream ‘stay away.’

What are the styles for spring?  Now that I’ve read almost all of the March issues – Vogue, InStyle, MORE, NY Times T Mag, and several Nordstrom catalogs as well as all the spring fashion flyers from Loehmanns, I’m so, so ready to report.  (Note: I think I am going to frame the March Vogue as Lady Gaga, one of my favorite ladies of fashion, is on the cover of the 574 page issue. Such a good exercise weight this mag has been for the past 31 days.)

Oh, oh, oh, where do I begin?  Let’s start with the trends according to InStyle:

* Spring is all about color – the bolder the better brights (I do love bright colors.  I do want to be colorful in spring.  I will listen to what the fashion editors say and mix and match my colors this season and I will make sure that the colors that are most flattering to me are close to my face.)

* Spring’s blooming floral prints are pretty and also pretty intense. (These festive florals remind me of a Laura Ashley fabric dress that I sewed when I was in college.  I wish I had saved that dress.  Although, I was much heavier in college so it likely would not fit me now.  Think I will have to get a new floral dress this spring – maybe one with an exotic floral print.)

* Menswear with seductively softened up tailoring is in style. (Can I wear the mens look?  Hmm, I like it.  Yes, I like it.  But, can my fifty-something body pull this style off.  Wait, it says to slouch when I wear menswear.  Don’t know if I want to look slouchy in my spring clothes.  Try a revealing camisole.  Don’t think I want to be so revealing, even though there isn’t too much to reveal.  And whenever possible walk with my hands in my pockets.  But, but, but, how will people see my colorful manicures?)

* White is an obvious choice for spring. (I have been starting to wear white more, although I do prefer off-white.  I hope I will still be trendy if I wear off-white.)

* Remember the ’70s? (Are you kidding me?  I don’t want to go back to the ’70s.  I lived through them already.  I don’t want to wear halters anymore, or floppy hats, or safari jackets, or beaded macrame, or jumpsuits or platform shoes.  I wore those clothes when I was twenty-something and I don’t think I will look as good wearing these clothes at fifty-something.  No, no, no, I’m not liking this spring trend at all. Well, maybe just a little itty bit – wonder if I still have that bright yellow mock-suede safari blazer that I used to wear.  Let me look in my closet.  Where is that blazer?  Nope, I think I threw it out last year. Too bad.)

*Lace is cool. (I like it.  I like it.  I like lace trimmed tees and ooh, I love the lace trimmed dresses too.  And I like the lace on that skirt on the next page.  Ooh, and I love those lace and leather flats. I will definitely make sure that I only wear black, white or nude lace since the fashion editor says that it looks richer and more alluring.)

* Sporty stripes.  Life is an amazing race: dress like a winner. (What a great line of copy.  I don’t look good in horizontal stripes.  They make my pear-shaped body look wider than it already is.  While this spring style doesn’t suit me, I still love that great line of copy.)

* Modern Metallics are some of spring’s silvery looks.  (I really favor gold tones, but I may have to succumb and buy something silver.  I know, I can buy a pair of silver sandals. Yes, that’s a good idea.  That’s exactly what I will do, I’ll keep the metals off the rest of my body.)

What about spring accessories?  What accessories should I wear with my trendy outfits?  

According to the fashionistas at Loehmanns, I should get some friendship bracelets for my wrists, oversized glam shades for my eyes, mixed metals for around my neck, and wedges and espadrilles (love espadrilles…so glad they are back in style) for my feet.

I likely will be doing a lot more stepping out this spring.  Will you?  Do tell me where you find the best spring fashions for fifty-somethings?  I do want to hear about all your fabulous finds.

When you go shopping remember what the queen of fashion Anna Wintour says, “This spring, it’s all hail the power of the individual.  The only way to go is your own way, whether walking the red carpet (in a tee or trousers) or just down the street (in combat boots or with fringe flying).  The only unifying desire, today, is to stand out from the crowd.”


P.S. – I’ll be on hiatus for a few weeks.  Hopefully, when I return, it will be warm enough to wear my new spring clothes and dry enough to put on my new spring shoes.  I can’t wait. Talk to you soon.