I hope you remembered to set your clocks ahead yesterday. It felt great to know that there will be more daylight and that spring is only a week away. What, what, what — spring is only a week away. I must do my annual spring shopping.

That’s why this weekend I made sure to read up on all the spring fashion trends. I finished the March issue of O Magazine, which focused on “decluttering.” I did a little ‘decluttering’ as I reviewed my current closet full of warm weather clothes. “Throw out anything that you haven’t worn in a year or two,” said the experts at O Magazine. I started to put a bag of old clothes together for Goodwill and there’s likely more to come.

I read 1500+ pages about spring fashions including the March issues of InStyle, Vogue, T – The New York Times Style Magazine, and More Plus I tagged all my favorites in the Nordstrom catalogs that I saved from the past few months.

So what are the latest and greatest colors, shapes and wearables for boomer girls this spring? Here’s my recap according to these mags:

Bold Pastels in shades of lilac, mint, rose and lemon are popular, as are pastel hair and nail polish too. (Not one of my favorites since I am classified by Color Me Beautiful as an Autumn, I don’t look very good in pastels.)

Romantic elements like peplums, florals, lace and ruffles. (Again, not one of my favorites. However, I do like some of the lace skirts and lace tops that I saw in the Macy’s advertisement and in the window display at Ann Taylor. Peplums and ruffles are not appropriate on my short 50+ figure.)

Mad Prints with large geometric designs and polka dots. (Oh, I love polka dots, especially accents of polka dots. Maybe I will get an accessory, such as a scarf, handbag or shoes with polka dots for spring.)

Pleats and more pleats. (No, no, no – pleats don’t work with pear-shaped bodies. No pleats for me – thank you very much.)

The Dress Shirt in white button down. (Here we go again – another takeoff on the shirt dress of yesteryear. This is why I should think twice before I “declutter” my closet.You never know when an old trend will become a new trend in the future.)

Sporty looks in comfortable fabrics with bright colors. (Love it, like it, want it. I prefer more casual wear during warmer weather.)

Hi-Gloss with metallic tones and illuminating beads, studs and other embellishments. (I like to shimmer during summer nights. Ooh, ooh, really liked the cotton dress with paillettes by Michael Kors. Maybe if I do more exercise and get rid of my middle-age middle I’ll be able to shimmy and shimmer this season.)

Bright day dresses and expressive stripes with bold blocks of color. (I did finally buy a dress for myself last summer. Maybe it is time to buy another one this spring. It is easy to get dressed when all you have to put on is one piece of clothing.)

Nature Prints with flowers and garden colors. (Little bits of nature may work better on my body than an entire dress or top. Flower power is not my thing.)

High Waist silhouettes. (Listen up boomer girls. InStyle editors say that this trend “was a staple in the ’70s and ’80s.”Are you getting nostalgic? Have any of your old high waisted pants buried in the back of your closet? Or if you gave them to Goodwill like I did, you may have to buy some new ones, cause according to InStyle these high waisted pants and skirts will help “legs look longer, the dreaded muffin top bulge and whale tail thong top vanish.” Amen, I’m sold.)

Denim shirts are back. So are blurred prints, color blocking, crafty platform shoes and espadrilles (love espas), long skirts (didn’t we used to call them maxi skirts in the ’70s?), open weave, leopard prints (again, oh peleezze!) and more skinny bright colored jeans and capris.

Can’t wait to go spring shopping! Hope my tax return shows up soon. But wait, I was going to save that money for a summer vacation.